Free eBook Available in August

Free eBook Available August 16-20

Starting a Small Business – Tricks, Tips and Shortcuts
by John Nanto

free ebook availableIf you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong desire to work for yourself then this book is for you.

In my new book I cover everything you need to know about starting up your own small business and give you pointers from my personal experience that will make sure you get started out on the right track to success!

By starting your business properly, you will not only have a greater possibility of success, you will find that you are able to take advantage of more of what entrepreneurship has to offer.

In “Starting a Small Business” you will discover:

– Starting Your Own Business – understand the reasons that you want to start your own business and you will have greater chance of success!
– How to Choose a Business – discover why the business you choose to go into will determine your success or failure!
– Prepare Others for Your New Business – get this part right and the people around you will give you nothing but their full support!
– How Will the Internet Affect Your Business? – every business is affected by the internet and you will find out how to maximise your benefits!
– Write a Business Plan – use my techniques to write a business plan for success!
– Where Will You Locate Your Business – how to choose where your business is based and located!
– Taking a Look at Financing – make sure you know how your finances are going to work from the start!
– What Is the Structure of Your Business? – discover how to structure your business for big benefits!
– The Business Name – How to Choose It – How to Register It – find out my simple ways to choose the right business name for your new venture!
– Your Tax Identification Number – get this part correct now to avoid big headaches later on!
– Register Your Business for State and/or Local Taxes – I explain the difference and set you on the path to making sure you have this done correctly!
– Licenses and Permits – Does Your Business Need Them? – simple to find out once I show you how!
– What Are Your Responsibilities As an Employer? – this chapter is crucial if you are going to need staff!
– Taking Advantage of What Your Own Business Has To Offer – discover how to personally benefit from running your own business!
and much more…

Operating a business is exciting, fulfilling and offers you opportunities that are not available when you are employed by others.

If you take the time to follow the guidelines that are outlined in this book, it is much more likely that you will land in the 20% of small business owners who continue to enjoy their business for the long-term.



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