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Crossfade: A Silver City Story (Silver City Stories) by Lilith K. Duat

Max took another snapshot of Fade leaning against the wall wearing a yellow sundress and a leather jacket, naked legs long and ankles crossed. “So, what kind of artist do you want to be?”

“I want to be myself. Authentic.” Fade ran a hand through her hair. “Down to earth.”

“Why not just go by Faye Devereux? Or even Faye?”

Fade caressed the neck of her guitar and Max captured it on film. “Gotta have some mystery.” She smiled. She lifted the hem of her dress to show more thigh.


Past Paradox by John Turiano

Past Paradox


Seven year old Tommy Davis loves to play in the back yard with his dog Mandy. One day, Tommy is drawn into the woods by a strange light. He does not return. While the boy’s disappearance is being investigated, strange events unfold in the sleepy community. Farm animals are mutilated, strange aberrations appear in the area. When a man appears through one of the aberrations with an offer to help, physicists at a nearby facility are called to investigate. The stakes are heightened as the worm holes become unstable and threaten the world around them.

PAST PARADOX is a stand-alone novel and exciting conclusion to the mind-blowing time travel trilogy.


The Invisible Body (The Falling Awake Mysteries Book 1) by Jenny Cutts

Falling Awake MysteriesA strange ability. A discovered corpse. But will his supernatural sleuthing skills lead him into a killer’s trap?

England, 1990. Reed has travelled his whole life in search of someone who understands him. So he’s thrilled when his journey brings him to free-spirited Zoya, who shares his rare ability to dream-walk. But after his gift leads him to a hidden corpse, he becomes the prime suspect in the murder.

Despite the setback, Reed resolves to use his power to help crack the case.


Helminth by S. Alessandro Martinez

book dealAs her best friend, Abby, struggles to cope with the sudden loss of her husband, Rei and her closest girlfriends take her to a beautiful lakeside house nestled in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, hoping that a weekend of support from long-time friends will help Abby along her road of emotional recovery.

But as the young women get settled, Rei begins to notice there’s something wrong with the place. Could this peaceful, idyllic location be hiding an ancient evil below the waters of the lake? Or are the problems wholly within Abby herself, who seems to be losing her grip on reality?


Where in the World is Xavier Cockroachal Damon? by Aaron Aaronson

book deal“Where in the World is Xavier Cockroachal Damon?” is a novella about the search to determine the truth of whether the writer, Xavier Cockroachal Damon, who it was widely accepted had been dead for years, was actually, possibly still alive. I was the one who set out on the investigation to uncover the facts. The search did get pretty crazy and it was very bizarre but it eventually did lead to a resolution for me, just not in a way I ever would have expected. Truth indeed can sometimes be stranger than fiction.



Escape Velocity (Off-World Series, Book 7): Sexy Science-Fiction Romance Novel by Rebecca York

book dealFrom New York Times and USA Today Best-Selling Author, Rebecca York.
Max Cassidy, a space pilot who operates on the edge of legality, doesn’t know he’s risking his life when he picks up a shipment of contraband from Naxion. On this forbidden planet, all the inhabitants are beyond ugly except the gorgeous women raised for the interplanetary slave trade. When Cassidy discovers the cargo is one of these slaves, he vows to save her. But he doesn’t know how much the woman who calls herself Amber is hiding from him. Attraction flares between them. As their sexual relationship turns steamy, the chase is on to escape the corrupt official who bought Amber.


In the Moment (The Friessens Book 9) by Lorhainne Eckhart

book dealNineteen-year-old Becky Friessen leads an all-too-quiet life on her family’s ranch. But when she winds up in the emergency room after an accident, sexy doctor Tom Campbell will introduce her to a new world of excitement and pleasure…

In this Friessen Family novel, an unexpected proposition leaves a young woman tempting fate that will inevitably end in heartbreak.

What happens when you meet a man you can’t take home to meet your parents?


The Holiday Bride (The Wilde Brothers Book 9) by Lorhainne Eckhart

book dealAll Trinity Cooper Wilde wanted was a quiet Christmas alone with her baby, a baby no one knows about but her twin sister, Dawn.

Dawn has warned Trinity that she needs to come clean and tell everyone about the baby, including the father, Garrett Franke, their former neighbor, whom Trinity has hated since tenth grade—with the exception of one night last year, a mistake.

Her family is starting to wonder why she hasn’t come home to visit in over six months, and Trinity knows time is running out. She plans to tell everyone, but she gets happily stuck in an unexpected snowstorm in her tiny cabin, located outside a small Idaho town.


Promising Meg (Love In Time Book 1) by Anna Huckabee

book dealAmerican soldier, Jack Collins, is burned when he drags a dying friend into a mustard gas-filled trench. He spends the next agonizing weeks in one army hospital after another. As day after painful day passes, he loses hope that he’ll ever lead a normal life.

In New England, Meg longs to do her part to help in the war effort, but caring for her elderly grandmother takes up all her time. Then her aunt and uncle make arrangements for her to volunteer in a nearby hospital where she meets Jack.



Living on the Edge: How to Fight and Win the Battle for Your Mind and Heart (Teen Edition) by Gary Roe

book dealFor more than 30 years, multiple award-winning author, speaker, and grief counselor Gary Roe has been helping teens and adults heal from past wounds, discover who they are, and live with passion and purpose. With more than a dozen books and 600 articles in print, he has become a trusted, inspirational voice to thousands of wounded hearts.

“Life is about overcoming,” Gary frequently says. Let him help you face your battles, beginning with this book.



Kill Me Why?: Gray James Detective Murder Mystery and Suspense Book 2 by Ritu Sethi

book dealColorado Gold Mystery AWARD-WINNING author, Daphne du Maurier Finalist. Sequel to AMAZON BESTSELLER, His Hand In the Storm.


His team believes he’s calm and Zen. His boss finds him obsessive. Suspects think him gorgeous but dangerous. They’re all right. Something is brewing in the quaint and peaceful coastal town of Searock…


Fury of the Scorned: Broken Hearts Seek Revenge (Chronicles of the Hamlet of Sipsey Book 3) by Carol Gosa-Summerville

book dealAs his wife turns up in Sipsey, Sugarfoot is in Jemison Beach, Florida, pursuing wealthy Clarice Vanderway. Freddie Dee Varner is trying to wedge her way into his life by tearing him down in order to build him. But when he returns to Sipsey, all hell breaks loose. The scandal that arises from his deception causes the deacons are ready to consider kicking him out of the church, and Clarice Vanderway never wants to see him again. Only Freddie Dee still carries a torch for him and she want him back at all cost.



Sweet Hollow Women by Holly Tierney-Bedord

book dealAs part of a family where life happens to you, fifteen-year-old Carasine Busey is devastated but not surprised when her family drops everything in Sweet Hollow, Louisiana to follow her dad’s shaky career as a welder. It’s not especially shocking, either, when he abandons them all shortly after they settle into their new home in the city.




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