Designing Your Man Cave

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Designing Your Man Cave – Everything You Need To Know!
John Nanto

Free eBook in AugustDo you ever feel that you want to get away from it all?

Are you a man, that needs your own cave where you can hideaway and do all things that men are meant to do?

“Designing Your Man Cave” is written for any man looking to create his own place to get away from it all.

Since the dawn of time, mankind has sought a place of solitude away from the pressures that existed in the household.

Regardless of whether you are new to the concept of building man caves or if you have been following this information online or through the popular series by the same name, you will find that the information contained within these pages is invaluable.

In “Designing Your Man Cave” you will discover:

– The Man Cave – A Long Tradition – why it’s necessary for you to build your very own man cave!

– Choosing the Location – get this part right and you’re on your way to a great man cave!

– Preparing Your Space – how to prepare your space so that construction goes smoothly!

– Constructing Your Man Cave – discover the various construction phases and build the perfect man cave!

– Man Cave Themes – take on a new direction with some of my favourite themes!

– Man Cave Essential: The TV – important considerations for the focus of your man cave!

– Man Cave Essential: Seating – how to get the right seating for your particular theme!

– Man Cave Essential: Sound – good sound will enhance everything about your man cave!

– Man Cave Extras – don’t overlook these great additions to any man cave!

and much, much moreā€¦

Your man cave is not something that is designed for other members of the family and, although there may be times when they are invited into your own personal space, it should always be on your terms. The man cave is an area that is to be solely controlled by you from the start to the finish.

It is my hope that my new book not only helps you to learn how to design and build the perfect man cave, I also want you to be a have the time to enjoy it thoroughly!


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