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Free Romance eBook available August 23-27

A Haunting Love: She lost her memories, will she remember his love? by Elvira Allison

free romance ebookOn the outside, world renowned paranormal investigator Ruby Sparrow has it all – a booming business, great friends that double as great co-workers, and respect from the metaphysical community.

One thing is missing, though. Her memories.

Ruby woke up six years ago after a car accident with no memories of her life before her psychic powers manifested – not even her name.

While investigating a new haunting, Ruby uncovers old memories tied to ghost David Hardy.

David Hardy has been haunting his parents house for six years waiting for his love Sarah to find him.

He knows he cannot pass over until he sees her one last time and knows that the car accident that claimed his life didn’t destroy hers.

When Ruby enters the house to investigate the reported haunting, he calls her “Sarah.”

Is she really his lost love or will he wait forever to rest in peace?




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