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  1. The book “journey of heaven”. It is the best guidebook for those who are travelling in Kerala. Spread its beauty over 38,863 km² of India, this state gives the impression of Switzerland. The cool breeze of the beach here and the fresh aroma of tea and the shade of coconut trees mesmerize a person.

  2. Description (Gavin):
    Gavin O’Donnell was looking for a nice quiet retirement job. What he got was something else.

    Bentley Chance is a retired lieutenant with over thirty years at a mid-size Washington police department. His assignments included patrol, traffic, street crimes, S.W.A.T. and narcotics followed by commands in every division of the department.

    Although fictional, his books are heavily influenced by extensive training and experience. With the exception of certain historical figures, the characters are products of imagination. Many real locations and businesses are mentioned. This is not to suggest any involvement in actual crimes. They are used only as a setting within which the stories take place.

    The author dedicates these books to the men and women of law enforcement who risk their lives to protect us each and every day.

  3. Description (The Fixer):
    When the mob had a problem they knew just the man to take care of it. They called him “The Fixer”.

    Bentley Chance is a retired lieutenant with over thirty years at a mid-size Washington police department. His assignments included patrol, traffic, street crimes, S.W.A.T. and narcotics followed by commands in every division of the department.

    Although fictional, his books are heavily influenced by extensive training and experience. With the exception of certain historical figures, the characters are products of imagination. Many real locations and businesses are mentioned. This is not to suggest any involvement in actual crimes. They are used only as a setting within which the stories take place.

    The author dedicates these books to the men and women of law enforcement who risk their lives to protect us each and every day.

  4. Bricks Lon on said:

    This book is separate from my teaching and research roles at Stanford. It is, however, part of my desire and effort to bring books to consumer information about science and science related tools to the general public. And in this book we’re going to talk about the science of tools for fat loss. And fat loss is something that interests a large number of people. Many people want to lose fat, many people are athletes who need to lose fat. And in general, we know that having body fat percentages that are too high is unhealthy for us. And most people struggle to lose fat. Most people struggled to lose weight generally, but most people especially struggled to lose body fat or what we call adipose tissue. Now, this is a huge topic on the internet. There’s a lot of controversy.
    Free availability on amazon: 21 september 2023 to 26 september 2023

  5. Anita Job on said:

    How to Find a Job: 30 Day Plan

    Genre: How-To, Job Hunting, Employment
    Promotion Dates: Oct 16-21, 2023

    Looking for multiple strategies to find work? Check out this concise daily 3-step checklist to guide your job-hunting journey with practical ideas and steps to land your dream job!

  6. Experience the irresistible allure of opposites attracting in this scintillating interracial romance, “Husking for Nebraska.” Set against the backdrop of Jeremy Husking’s ambition to become the governor of Nebraska, this story explores the powerful magic of love and the unexpected connections that can arise amidst political campaigns.
    When Mateo, Jeremy’s foster brother, realizes the enormity of the challenge ahead, he reaches out to his former teacher, the enigmatic Bethany Greene from Julliard. Little does he know that this simple favor will set in motion a love story that defies belief.
    Intrigue and passion intertwine as Rhapsody Willis, a captivating woman with an intriguing past, enters the scene. As she takes charge of Jeremy’s campaign, sparks fly and boundaries blur, revealing a chemistry that cannot be denied. Opposites collide, creating a whirlwind courtship that sweeps them both off their feet.
    Amidst the campaign chaos and the pursuit of political power, the question of the “Best soundtrack of all time” becomes the catalyst for a journey that explores the depths of desire and the transformative power of love. Brace yourself for a romance that will leave you breathless, as secrets are unveiled and hearts are laid bare.

    Free on September 20-21, 2023 on Kindle.

  7. Evelyn on said:

    What do you do when you are feeling sick and tired of the overwhelming symptoms of major depression?
    How do you combat the anxiety and stress that go hand in hand with this condition?
    Are there any proven ways to defeat depression and live the life of your dreams?

    In this one-of-a-kind story of almost unimaginable struggle, endurance, love, determination, and an incredible final triumph, Evelyn S. Rodas shares her life-long experiences with one of the most pervasive and disabling illnesses a human being can have. The author reveals the shortcomings and misbeliefs that we run up against when trying to get a deeper understanding of depression, which so often muddies the waters and prevents effective treatment. Evelyn S. Rodas seeks to shed light on the need to reshape conversations about depression, anxiety, and mental illness.
    Artfully written with a heartfelt voice and packed with fascinating observations that have been overlooked for years, No, you cannot JUST SNAP OUT OF IT! offers refreshing insights from a different, much-needed perspective, bringing a new vision to an old problem.
    This book is an enlightening read that expertly weaves personal anecdotes, scientific studies, the latest information, and valuable advice. By providing soul-searching questions and challenges to one’s preconceptions, this book allows you to see how a different approach can be the right solution for you.
    With the breakdown of the physiological, psychological, and environmental components behind depression, you will learn what so many of us get wrong about the condition and why it’s impossible for certain people to simply “snap out of it.” You will also learn about other relevant topics, such as eating disorders, addictions, and suicide.
    At a time when so many people are suffering silently, this book aims to be their voice. No, you cannot JUST SNAP OUT OF IT! is a must-read for anybody who is struggling with major depression and anxiety, for those who want to help a loved one or friend with mental illness, and for anyone who wants to gain new insights into these complex health issues (from someone who has dealt with them for almost 30 years!).
    FREE on Sep. 17 and 18 , 2023

  8. Sam & Tom: Forest Adventure Begins

    Meet Sam, a curious village boy, and Tom, his loyal dog. They’re best friends with hearts full of wonder. Together, they explore their village and have fun by the brook. One day, Sam wants to explore the mysterious forest just beyond the outskirts of their village. Excited and ready for a new adventure, they set off. Join them as they discover the magic of the forest—its tall trees, hidden secrets, and brave challenges. “Sam & Tom: Forest Adventure Begins” is a tale of friendship, courage, and the enchanting unknown.

  9. Allie Davis on said:

    In Clara and the Constellations, a young girl’s dream of flying to the moon comes true when she leaps off her lawn and finds herself grabbing the moon like a ball. To her amazement, constellation animals come to life to join her in a game of catch! Children are loving this whimsical picture, with stunning illustrations and a captivating storyline.

    “As Clara bent her legs again
    and leaped toward the moon up high,
    her body felt something so wonderfully new:
    something amazing and thrilling and grand.
    The wind whipped her face and her feet lifted up,
    her arms flapped quite wildly,
    her hair blew straight back.
    Over their house, Clara soared and sailed
    through puffy white clouds,
    past stars and meteors,
    and toward that glowing white ball she flew,
    her soon-to-be toy now fully in sight.”

  10. The First Happiness System: A Self-Help Book to Embrace Happiness and Transform Your Life

    Are you ready to unlock true and sustainable happiness in your life?
    In a world that never stops moving, we often forget that happiness is not something we stumble upon; it’s a skill that can be cultivated and honed. Welcome to the First Happiness System that embraces the main idea: happiness should and must be trained. Remember, what we train, we gain! Just like any skill, happiness thrives on practice and a systematic approach.

    Through the captivating story of a living person who embarked on a personal journey to find happiness, the author’s discovery led to the creation of a simple and international system for the good life.

    In this happiness book, you’ll get:
    Understanding of how to find happiness and where to search for it.
    Practical tips to make your life happier.
    Gain even more motivation to live and enjoy the moments.

    By the way, this heart-warming book comes to life with delightful illustrations, created by the author’s very own daughter. The artwork adds an extra touch of charm and inspiration to the journey of happiness.
    If you believe that happiness is a journey worth embarking upon and that joy can be mastered, then this self-help book is your key to unlocking true and sustainable happiness.

    Start your journey today and witness the transformation that awaits you!

    Genre: Self-Help, Motivational, Personal Transformation, Happiness, Business & Finance

    Free Date: 3 September, 2023

    ASIN: B0CF618CZ2

  11. Summer Cooper on said:

    Title : Mafia’s Dirty Secret

    Description : Marie should have run away from her abusive mother when she had the chance.
    But she stayed home and cared for the terminally ill monster.
    The one person that she loved but never loved her back.

    Just as she thought her miserable life was never going to get better…
    She met a mysterious out-of-towner.
    She ignored her mother’s advice: to never speak with any man, that all men are bad.

    This beautiful stranger showered her with gifts, kindness, and attention.
    He gave her the sort of love that she had never experienced before in her life.

    What Marie didn’t know is that this gorgeous man—a mafioso—had a reason to get close to her.
    He was on a special revenge mission—and she was his target.

    Warning: This story contains strong language, adult scenes, and some domestic abuse. Intended for adults only.

  12. Elrich is a gambler with nothing to lose. But when he finds a dying dragon and a powerful stone, he becomes the target of a cosmic war. The stone is the Firestone, a weapon that can destroy the universe. And everyone wants it: a dragon lord, a witch queen, and a mad king. Elrich must protect the Firestone from all these foes, with the help of some unlikely allies. But he also must face his own destiny, and the secrets that lie within the Firestone.
    This is a thrilling fantasy adventure of swords, sorcery, dragons and witches, set in a richly imagined world. Warning: This book is highly addictive and may cause sleepless nights and binge reading. Read at your own risk.

  13. Joshua Harvey on said:

    Susan And Hannah, verse novel.

    This verse novel tells the story of two girls, both of whom are atheists. One of them tells the truth and is open about her atheism in the predominantly religious community she resides in. Her name is Susan Mariah. The other girl, named Hannah Macdougal, who also lives in the same community, wears a mask and pretends to believe. Is it better to tell the truth about who you are or to lie when you’re around people who hold beliefs contrary to your own? Who fares better in life when they are living under the rule of the majority- A liar or the truthteller? When a society encourages lies and punishes people for being authentic, who are we enabling? Where do people find their value, when they are constantly being devalued? How to people keep loving, when they’re subjected to non-stop hatred? Where do the lies of Hannah Macdougal lead Her? What does the truth get Susan Mariah? Read to find out.

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  16. The Kerfuffles is an illustrated series of fictional children’s novels following a day in the life of the Kerfuffle family living in Australia. Written and illustrated by Maria Crocker.

    The series commences with the family moving into a decrepit old house in the suburbs. Not only do twins, Drake and Cindy Kerfuffle, have to deal with the unbearable summer heat and pesky mosquitoes, but also their annoying parents and elderly relatives. Funnily enough, Aunty May and Uncle Harold surprise the family with an unexpected visit over the Summer Holidays and, strangely, refuse to leave.

    Recommended for children who enjoy having a good laugh. The Kerfuffles is a funny, light hearted series guaranteed to bring a smile to children’s faces.
    Written in the third person, the reader is able to experience many hilarious situations from different characters’ viewpoints, making the series even more entertaining for the reader.

    It is aimed at children from approximately 8 to 11 years old.

    The Kerfuffles series includes 5 novels. (Book One: Back to School, Book Two: Mysterious Neighbours, Book Three: Double Take, Book Four: Chickpea Soup and now recently released Book Five: Trick or Treat)

    The following kindle editions from The Kerfuffle Series are available FREE from Now until midnight Monday March 6th at 11:59 PM PDT. (If you miss out don’t worry they will be free again every three months)

    Book#1 – Back to School –
    Book#2 – Mysterious Neighbours –
    Book#3 – Double Take –
    Book #4 – Chickpea Soup –
    Book #5 – Trick or Treat –

    For more information visit – website.

  17. Aruna M on said:

    Lonely Candles – $2.99
    Aruna M
    A collection of poems and thoughts that burnt during those lonely nights, even when in company or alone as the fire within has already been lit.

  18. Just submitted “COVID-19: THE INS AND OUTS OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC”:

    Information overload and medical jargon have invaded our daily lives since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. If you find yourself lost in the vastness of this information or still wondering how this could happen, then read on!

    Complex medical and scientific information—PCR tests, immunological memory, spike proteins, variants, and mutations, just to name a few—have become very familiar since the outbreak of COVID-19, have they not? What do these terms really mean, and just how much do you really know?

    This book explains all you need to know about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic: pathology diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and so much more—an easy-to-follow guide using language that you can understand. After reading this book, you will be able to finally make sense of the media reports and scientific data that have become a part of your daily life.

  19. Shashank Singh Rathore on said:

    Just submitted “Cryptocurrencies for Dummies” kindle edition. This book provides an overview of the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, with an emphasis on the Bitcoin technology. It’s free on Amazon from 25th – 27th Jan, if anyone would like to give it a read. Would really appreciate it. Thank you! You can find it here, if you want to get it

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  21. Millat Magoona on said:

    Paying the Price is a superhero romance thriller, featuring superheroes who realize they are regular people. Han Jackson is being haunted by his past and is forced to look for help in the last place he could imagine: fellow superhero Adrian Kane. Han and Adrian, who previously had a tentative-hate relationship, form a tentative friendship spiced at the edges with a love that is most unexpected, and surprises everybody. When Han gets in trouble again and is imprisoned for murder, Adrian refuses to give up on him. Will Adrian’s love find a way out where there is none? Do the pair fight their way together through sheer stubbornness or does the universe defeat them?
    FREE On Amazon here:

  22. shoaib on said:

    Get this exciting novel for Free only on 23rd and 24th December 2021 through Kindle Free Promotion
    There is a saying that everyone in this universe resembles someone, but what happens when a whole world has its replica, where each and everything, from cities to landscapes, and every single human, is an exact copy. Indistinguishable, like identical twins.
    What happens when these identicals come face to face? Will the children of these two sister-worlds embrace each other or will they engage in a battle of supremacy? Nature has a plan but humans have their own ideas. After all, what looks identical is not always the same.
    Get immersed in the wild twists of this Dance of Two Worlds till it reaches a scintillating climax. You will enjoy every single move.

  23. Sadie Bosque A Return of the Wicked Earl (The Shadows Book 1) historical romance book promotion begins 09/12-12/12.

  24. We are living in a digital age. The global circulation of the information technology and other information – dissemination devices has made it possible for every minor information extracted from human ideologies go viral in few seconds by a fingertip!

    Living with a perspective that Africans are inferior to other whites’ folks; in support of such illusion is the mismanagement of African-continent’s resources, by her leaders, who predominantly loot the treasuries as each government take their turn to lead, with major target to [intentionally], ground their economies through corruption.

    You’re not inferior was created to immediately; withdraw, dissuade and destroy such mental relegation ideology, infused into our youths for several generations now – by helping each one see realities in human-equality, irrespective of color, race, gender, creed, etc.

    You’re not inferior available on

  25. Thank for the opportunity to promote Auntie I Don’t Want You To Get Married: Danielle The Girl From New York. It’s an endearing tale for Children of All Ages.

  26. Thank you for letting me submit my upcoming release “Northern Survival”. I see the guaranteed levels are temporarily on hold. When you’re back to regular action, I’m interested in booking a spot. Diane McGyver

    • Jim Liston on said:

      Good luck with your promotion!

  27. The Black Man’s Answer: A Common Man’s Perspective on the Black Struggle

    The Black Man’s Answer: A Common Man’s Perspective on the Black Struggle [Robinson, Mr. J G] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Black Man’s Answer: A Common Man’s Perspective on the Black Struggle

    Author: J. G. Robinson
    Company: Balante Publishing LLC
    Phone number: +1 804-426-1797
    Mailing address: 2226 Bowlin Ct, Chesterfield, VA 23235

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    • Islam 101: Islam basic terms

      This e-book presents a comprehensive explanation of basic Islamic words. It is geared towards non-Arabic speakers, who may sometimes struggle to grasp a simple, clear understanding of key Arabic words.
      The mission of this book is to provide a simple, clear understanding of the basic Arab terms, used in Islam.
      Its goal is not to use generic explanations, but to point out the root verbs meaning and be most specific in translating each term to English.
      This book equips the non-Arabic speaker, with the necessary tools to improve the quality and the meaning of every day’s Muslim tasks.
      Understanding the basics, makes a major difference in everything we wish to master in life. This book does exactly that, by providing a clear and simple explanation, to some of the most basic Islamic terms. It allows the Muslims to better comprehend and further appreciate Islam.

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