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  1. In a world where magic is a science, Siobhan is a genius.

    But even geniuses need schooling.

    When Siobhan stumbled into the theft of a priceless magical book, she thought her dreams of becoming the world’s most powerful sorcerer were destroyed.

    But then a mysterious spell changed her life forever…

    • Hi Azalea! Your book, A Conjuring of Ravens, sounds really interesting! Good luck with your promo.

  2. I want to promote my book on your sites.

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  3. Plight-TO Light- An enchanting collection of poems

    Read poetry as such
    Person to pictures,
    lost among stars.
    where you went
    Leaving us part.

    There is a suffocation inside the chest,
    which is burning daily like a fire.
    How will my soul remain calm when there
    is a guilt lying there.

    This book is available on kindle for free for this whole month
    go have a look.

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  4. Christopher Michael Christopher Michael

    Her fingers squeezed the pencil tight.
    Guiding it on paper.
    It was the first time she drew him.
    Starting with the hat.
    A bolero, shading soulless eyes.
    His gray complexion.
    A trench coat, blanketing his frame.
    Legs… ending in pointy shoes.
    Her thoughts cleared.
    Outlining his name.
    Then, she hid him from her mother.

    ** This ebook will be free: January 1st – 5th **

    • Hi Christopher! Let me know if I can help you promote your book, You Should Pray.

  5. Title: Kids Activity Book on Money and Finance by Rishi Vamdatt
    Subtitle: A Counting Money Book & Money Activity Book for Kids Ages 6-8 (Includes My Money Log Ledger)


    About the book: Empower your kids with financial knowhow. Boost their money IQ through this activity book that utilizes fun, practical money lessons to provide interactive money education to kids.

    About the Author: Multi-award winning author of 4 books, Rishi Vamdatt is a 14 year old who is deeply passionate about spreading financial literacy. He started his financial literacy venture Easy Peasy Finance really young when he was only 8. Since he was 6, Rishi has been investing all his allowances, chore money and cash gifts in the stock market to build his retirement fund. He has won multiple prestigious international awards, has been featured on CBS News New York and in Kiplinger magazine, and has appeared as a guest on radio shows, corporate panels and podcasts.

  6. Discount Book Promotion

    I Am Daliah: A WW2 Jewish Holocaust Historical Fiction

    Amidst the Holocaust, a German Soldier faces a tough choice during World War II after finding a young Jewish girl. Loyalty to his country or doing what is right?
    Wilhelm Thomas is torn between what he knows is right and what he must do to survive. A fateful decision awaits him when he discovers a young Jewish girl hiding in the rubble—will he take her to a concentration camp or help her find freedom? Against all odds, Wilhem must choose between loyalty to his country and loyalty to his conscience.

    Daliah Avner is a nineteen-year-old Jewish girl struggling to survive the Holocaust. Her family has already been taken away and she must find a way to freedom before it is too late. Will she make it? Or be discovered?

    If you enjoyed The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, you’ll love “I am Daliah”. Buy now before the price changes!

    • Hi Rose! Your book, Night Home, sounds interesting. I’ll have to read it to find out what happens to Muriel!

  7. Key 13: And Other Stories – A collection of my best dark fantasy and dark fiction with a few spooky stories based on real life events.

    Excerpt —

    It wasn’t dark or cold, the way you would expect a morgue to be. It was well lit, clean, and the temperature was rather comfortable, no different from the atmosphere in the rest of the building. There were several drawers, of course, which were there to contain the departed. Doris began pulling them out, one after the other, but they were empty.
    “Dorrie, will yah cut it out? It’s disrespectful.”
    She laughed, “There ain’t nobody in…whoa!”
    The last drawer she pulled out contained a body. We did not see the entire body, just two large, cold dead feet.

    Five Star Reviews – Enjoy:

  8. There was no form provided to submit my book. I clicked on the hyperlink to the “form” and it brought me back to this page…. is this the form – the comment section?
    My Book: Scrapyard Ship – Uprising / 249 reviews on Amazon /4.5 stars avg. /ASIN ? : ? B0CM284L22 / Published on Amazon: October 28, 2023 / FREE Promo Running 12/24/2023 – 12/27/2023.
    Sample: As the perilous, rickety, lift jolted to a stop, Matt tried to mask his relief. Considering he’d once piloted spacecraft for a living, many of which were as old and ramshackle as this lift, he was almost embarrassed by his discomfort. Mollie slid aside the metal scissor gate, her movements smooth and practiced from repetition. Beyond, she’d unveiled an unexpected world. A vast rock cavern stretched out beneath the sprawling automobile scrapyard above. Its enormity was both astonishing and intriguing.
    “I know you have questions. Answers await. So come on.”
    As he stepped from the lift, the jagged, rough surface of the rock greeted his feet. He reached out a hand as they walked, the cavern’s walls uneven and cold to the touch. A metallic tang lingered in the air, filling his mouth, tasting of secrets long hidden and forgotten.

  9. Dragons Don’t Eat Ice Cream by Rohit Loomba

    Children’s Picture Book

    Free Promotion from 12/22/23 to 12/26/23

    What happens when a young dragon can’t breathe fire like all the other little dragons? How does he deal with being bullied and excluded from activities from his peers?

    Find how young Tootoo, a young dragon that can’t breathe fire, turns a perceived disability into a strength! Watch how he teaches the other young dragons that not being able to breathe fire may actually make him special in a way they never expected. A heart-warming tale of the need for inclusion and embracing differences geared towards young readers (3 years of age and under).

  10. Knight with a Heart:

    This story is about a knight who had to confront his anger and fear before facing the Mighty Dragon. On his journey, he learns how to handle his emotions and undergoes a transformation, evolving from the Knight with a Sword to the Knight with a Heart. By overcoming his emotions, he realizes that he doesn’t have to fight the dragon; instead, he needs to understand him.

    …from the book…

    The Girl with the Pen gave him a beautiful smile,
    And sang him a song instead of a reply.

    “Knight with the Sword, oh my dear friend,
    It is normal to feel angry and mad.
    It is emotion; it’s just how you feel,
    Here’s what you can do to start to feel free:

    Three times repeat each sentence I say,
    And lightly tap with your fingers on the side of your otherhand.


    Emotional Trauma No More: How to Treat the Overwhelming Symptoms of Narcissistic Abuse
    by Cara Bramlett, PA-C
    Living with emotional trauma from narcissistic abuse can leave you feeling hopeless, anxious, and questioning your sanity. You struggle to make decisions and don’t trust your thoughts. Very few people can leave for good after the first time. Yet, you are trying to survive while living with debilitating symptoms of emotional abuse. Uncover how to deal with your overwhelming emotions, mental exhaustion, and confusion. Understand your brain changes and how to treat your symptoms instantly. Then, rewire your emotional brain damage to end suffering, clear brain fog, and stop overthinking with these simple, powerful exercises!


    The Call of Home: A WW2 Historical Fiction Novel

    A promise to save a life. An impossible love.
    When Freida discovers a wounded German soldier washed up on the beach near her home in England, she risks her life to save him. Despite the danger of aiding the enemy, Freida and the soldier are forced to leave their lives behind and collaborate in order to survive.

    As WWII tears individuals and families apart, Freida and the soldier develop a connection that no bullet can destroy, and Freida is determined to keep her promise and help him return home.
    But with danger and heartache lurking around every corner, will Freida be able to keep her promise and save the soldier?

  13. This book is free from 11-27-23 to 12-1-23. Small Town Contemporary Christian Romance.
    In her grandmother’s quaint town, Lissa leaves behind the bustling city in pursuit of a more meaningful life. But destiny has a surprise waiting for her in the form of Jason, a captivating artist with a mysterious connection to her grandmother. As they kindle a magnetic attraction that deepens into love, their hearts face a challenging dilemma. Lissa’s ambition collides with Jason’s unwavering values, casting shadows of doubt and fear.
    Will they bridge this emotional gap and cherish their feelings? Or will their dreams and insecurities drive them apart? In this heartwarming Christian romance, Lissa and Jason must discover whether their love is strong enough to withstand the challenges that lie ahead, and whether faith and love can conquer all. Don’t miss this tale of love, faith, and the power of the heart.

  14. Blake was about to move on but was saved by the bell, literally. It rang out in a piercing wail that assaulted his ears. It stopped after several seconds, and Ms. Williams rose from her desk again, “Okay, everyone, time’s up for now, on to your next class. I’ll meet you here after lunch, where we will talk more with Detective Blake.”
    When the students had left him alone with the teacher, she turned to him and said, “Good job, Detective. I think the students really got into it.”

  15. Antonio Liranzo Antonio Liranzo

    The Art Of Loving Myself – Antonio Liranzo

    Loving yourself is a concept which often misleads us into believing it is a simple task to conquer. This act is neither simple nor as beautiful as it sounds. As adults, we go through milestones and setbacks. Eventually, at some point, we are faced with the most difficult challenge of all; facing our intrusive thoughts, subconscious trauma, and worst of all, facing it alone. Here is where the inner work can feel heart-wrenching. The Art Of Loving Myself is a love letter to the inner child whose needs we tend to neglect.



    FREE: 11/7/23-1/7/24

    Amazon, AppleBooks, Nook, Kobo and GooglePlay

    A humorous holiday mix-up that will make you smile and leave you knowing that anything is possible when it comes to love.

    Harper is a no-nonsense divorce lawyer whose last-minute vacation is accidentally double-booked with optimistic divorce lawyer Gabriel, who just sabotaged her client’s case.

  17. The book “journey of heaven”. It is the best guidebook for those who are travelling in Kerala. Spread its beauty over 38,863 km² of India, this state gives the impression of Switzerland. The cool breeze of the beach here and the fresh aroma of tea and the shade of coconut trees mesmerize a person.

  18. Not So Spooky, a series of rants about Halloween by D. T. Adams, FREE until 1 November

    Halloween may be the spookiest day of the year, but it doesn’t exactly give me goosebumps. In Not So Spooky, I offload and rant about the day when all things horror-related are thrust into the spotlight. Read my authentic rants about Halloween and you may find yourself agreeing with them.


  19. Sampson and Son by Maggie Williams Richmond
    Available for free download from Amazon (ASIN B0CJPSHZCW) 27 Oct 2023 – 31 Oct 2023
    (Usual price $3.99 / £2.99)

    “So that’s him, is it? Robin thinks, looking with narrowed eyes at his colleague’s sponsor, as his hands involuntarily curl into fists and his chest tightens. And seeming mighty pleased with himself I’d say. Mister Sampson Moore himself…”

    An illegitimate son, abandoned to the workhouse as an infant, discovers his true identity. He leaves his home for Ireland to claim the inheritance his father spurned in his youth. He becomes involved in a clandestine organisation dedicated to overthrowing English rule and establishing an independent Irish republic.

    Maggie’s novels are based on the lives of her ancestors – a very mixed bunch, including a much-maligned Scottish nobleman, a transported convict, a manic Welsh preacher, and a Belfast industrialist.

  20. Humanity’s Drive
    With society as the dominant force in our lives we no longer evolve according to the dictates of Nature. Instead, our evolutionary development is now governed by society, our new “Living Environment”, a force of our own creation. This will have a profound impact on our future as a species.

    Society, a man-made construct now determines the evolutionary choices we make. The concern is that it rarely works out for the best when those playing the game also set the rules!

    Humanity’s Drive delves into this phase of our evolutionary development.

  21. Description (Gavin):
    Gavin O’Donnell was looking for a nice quiet retirement job. What he got was something else.

    Bentley Chance is a retired lieutenant with over thirty years at a mid-size Washington police department. His assignments included patrol, traffic, street crimes, S.W.A.T. and narcotics followed by commands in every division of the department.

    Although fictional, his books are heavily influenced by extensive training and experience. With the exception of certain historical figures, the characters are products of imagination. Many real locations and businesses are mentioned. This is not to suggest any involvement in actual crimes. They are used only as a setting within which the stories take place.

    The author dedicates these books to the men and women of law enforcement who risk their lives to protect us each and every day.

  22. Description (The Fixer):
    When the mob had a problem they knew just the man to take care of it. They called him “The Fixer”.

    Bentley Chance is a retired lieutenant with over thirty years at a mid-size Washington police department. His assignments included patrol, traffic, street crimes, S.W.A.T. and narcotics followed by commands in every division of the department.

    Although fictional, his books are heavily influenced by extensive training and experience. With the exception of certain historical figures, the characters are products of imagination. Many real locations and businesses are mentioned. This is not to suggest any involvement in actual crimes. They are used only as a setting within which the stories take place.

    The author dedicates these books to the men and women of law enforcement who risk their lives to protect us each and every day.

  23. THE CHRISTMAS COMPROMISE by SUSAN HATLER is available for FREE on Amazon, Apple Books, Nook, Kobo, Google Play from 10/02/2023-12/02/2023!

    Morgan Reed is excited to return to her hometown of Christmas Mountain, Montana, and open her beauty salon, but when she arrives to her rented business space she’s shocked to find it already occupied by Dallas Parker— her brother’s best friend, the guy she had a childhood crush on, and the one her mom blames for their family’s greatest tragedy. With their landlord out of the country and unreachable, Morgan and Dallas must open their businesses together. But, no worries, all small towns need a combo furniture store/ beauty salon, right? Ugh. As they work together, Morgan tries to keep her emotional distance but time and off-the-charts chemistry soon turn a childhood friendship into a blossoming romance.

    Susan Hatler. Christmas Mountain Romance Boxed Set (Morgan, Faith, Lacey) (Kindle Locations 133-139).

  24. Dude, Where’s My Walking Stick?

    Once I finished setting up my tent, I did what anyone does at their own private beach in paradise; I got naked, sunbathed, read a book, fished or at least tried to fish, and swam all afternoon. The water was absolutely stunning, although freezing. Good thing there wasn’t anyone around to impress.

    Calm, rolling waves crashed softly on the multicoloured pebbled beach. The sun shone with all its strength and kissed my skin with it’s warm embrace. The brilliant viridescent, bush-covered coast stretched on for kilometres, contrasting beautifully with the swirling turquoise veneer of the calm waters. I had scored some chronic weed from a legendary friend in Christchurch, so I got super duper high all afternoon and soaked it all in. I was high as a kite in my own personal paradise.

    For dinner, I pulled off a bunch of green-lipped mussels from the rocks and boiled them up with seawater, chili and garlic. Oh man, they were the most delicious mussels I’ve ever eaten. I also made some rice to round off an incredible first meal of the trail. I probably used too much fuel cooking it all, but f*ck it – that’s future Kevin’s problem.

    I then watched an incredible sunset while smoking way too much cheeba. It was stunning. The sky seemed to light on fire with oranges, pinks, purples and blues. The water reflected the lightshow and the hills seemed to glow like a giant bush fire was just on the other side.

    While I was chillin during the sunset, I found a big piece of driftwood and broke off a perfect walking stick. I planned to carve it up and make it my personal companion on this trail. I had only met one person so far, and I had no idea how alone or how busy it might be on the trail, but I know that life is always better with friends. I named my new walking stick Richard, aka Dick. Hopefully Dick isn’t my only friend along the way.

  25. Do you feel burnt out? Overwhelmed? Like you’re constantly striving?

    Mama, God loves you!

    He wants you to live an abundant life of rest in Him. God wants you to work purposefully in His Kingdom.

    The world will often tell you that to find rest, you need to focus on yourself. Or that to find purposeful work, you need to look within. Don’t believe it! You will find true rest and purposeful work when you turn to God and focus on the beauty of His splendour.

    If you’re a busy mama, this 6-week devotional is for you as it explores both rest and work in light of God’s word.

    Each week contains six days — each day containing a focus verse, a devotion based on the verse, questions for reflection and a prayer — and a seventh day, called Rest And Praise, which contains a recap of all the focus verses from the week, a short reflection to lead you in praise, and a prayer of thanksgiving.

    Mama, I pray God’s truth will permeate your mind and heart and bring you to a place of rest.

    May You know Him more. May you make Him more known.

  26. Description
    This book is separate from my teaching and research roles at Stanford. It is, however, part of my desire and effort to bring books to consumer information about science and science related tools to the general public. And in this book we’re going to talk about the science of tools for fat loss. And fat loss is something that interests a large number of people. Many people want to lose fat, many people are athletes who need to lose fat. And in general, we know that having body fat percentages that are too high is unhealthy for us. And most people struggle to lose fat. Most people struggled to lose weight generally, but most people especially struggled to lose body fat or what we call adipose tissue. Now, this is a huge topic on the internet. There’s a lot of controversy.
    Free availability on amazon: 21 september 2023 to 26 september 2023

  27. How to Find a Job: 30 Day Plan

    Genre: How-To, Job Hunting, Employment
    Promotion Dates: Oct 16-21, 2023

    Looking for multiple strategies to find work? Check out this concise daily 3-step checklist to guide your job-hunting journey with practical ideas and steps to land your dream job!

  28. Experience the irresistible allure of opposites attracting in this scintillating interracial romance, “Husking for Nebraska.” Set against the backdrop of Jeremy Husking’s ambition to become the governor of Nebraska, this story explores the powerful magic of love and the unexpected connections that can arise amidst political campaigns.
    When Mateo, Jeremy’s foster brother, realizes the enormity of the challenge ahead, he reaches out to his former teacher, the enigmatic Bethany Greene from Julliard. Little does he know that this simple favor will set in motion a love story that defies belief.
    Intrigue and passion intertwine as Rhapsody Willis, a captivating woman with an intriguing past, enters the scene. As she takes charge of Jeremy’s campaign, sparks fly and boundaries blur, revealing a chemistry that cannot be denied. Opposites collide, creating a whirlwind courtship that sweeps them both off their feet.
    Amidst the campaign chaos and the pursuit of political power, the question of the “Best soundtrack of all time” becomes the catalyst for a journey that explores the depths of desire and the transformative power of love. Brace yourself for a romance that will leave you breathless, as secrets are unveiled and hearts are laid bare.

    Free on September 20-21, 2023 on Kindle.

  29. What do you do when you are feeling sick and tired of the overwhelming symptoms of major depression?
    How do you combat the anxiety and stress that go hand in hand with this condition?
    Are there any proven ways to defeat depression and live the life of your dreams?

    In this one-of-a-kind story of almost unimaginable struggle, endurance, love, determination, and an incredible final triumph, Evelyn S. Rodas shares her life-long experiences with one of the most pervasive and disabling illnesses a human being can have. The author reveals the shortcomings and misbeliefs that we run up against when trying to get a deeper understanding of depression, which so often muddies the waters and prevents effective treatment. Evelyn S. Rodas seeks to shed light on the need to reshape conversations about depression, anxiety, and mental illness.
    Artfully written with a heartfelt voice and packed with fascinating observations that have been overlooked for years, No, you cannot JUST SNAP OUT OF IT! offers refreshing insights from a different, much-needed perspective, bringing a new vision to an old problem.
    This book is an enlightening read that expertly weaves personal anecdotes, scientific studies, the latest information, and valuable advice. By providing soul-searching questions and challenges to one’s preconceptions, this book allows you to see how a different approach can be the right solution for you.
    With the breakdown of the physiological, psychological, and environmental components behind depression, you will learn what so many of us get wrong about the condition and why it’s impossible for certain people to simply “snap out of it.” You will also learn about other relevant topics, such as eating disorders, addictions, and suicide.
    At a time when so many people are suffering silently, this book aims to be their voice. No, you cannot JUST SNAP OUT OF IT! is a must-read for anybody who is struggling with major depression and anxiety, for those who want to help a loved one or friend with mental illness, and for anyone who wants to gain new insights into these complex health issues (from someone who has dealt with them for almost 30 years!).
    FREE on Sep. 17 and 18 , 2023

  30. We Are the Tide by Steven Richard Harris is free to download on Amazon 20th-24th September.

    Would you change the course of the World if you had the power in your hands? Or would you try to save the lives of the people who could help you do just that?
    In a ramshackle old language school above a fried chicken shop in Brighton, psychologist Frank Newman struggles with the decisions he has to make. Torn between providing the therapy that will ease his clients´ pain – or converting them into a network of viewers of the future.
    Steven Richard Harris blends psychology and fiction together to leave you questioning whether neurological disorders are barriers to leading a normal life; or special gifts that have the power to ultimately shape our destiny?

  31. Sam & Tom: Forest Adventure Begins

    Meet Sam, a curious village boy, and Tom, his loyal dog. They’re best friends with hearts full of wonder. Together, they explore their village and have fun by the brook. One day, Sam wants to explore the mysterious forest just beyond the outskirts of their village. Excited and ready for a new adventure, they set off. Join them as they discover the magic of the forest—its tall trees, hidden secrets, and brave challenges. “Sam & Tom: Forest Adventure Begins” is a tale of friendship, courage, and the enchanting unknown.

  32. In Clara and the Constellations, a young girl’s dream of flying to the moon comes true when she leaps off her lawn and finds herself grabbing the moon like a ball. To her amazement, constellation animals come to life to join her in a game of catch! Children are loving this whimsical picture, with stunning illustrations and a captivating storyline.

    “As Clara bent her legs again
    and leaped toward the moon up high,
    her body felt something so wonderfully new:
    something amazing and thrilling and grand.
    The wind whipped her face and her feet lifted up,
    her arms flapped quite wildly,
    her hair blew straight back.
    Over their house, Clara soared and sailed
    through puffy white clouds,
    past stars and meteors,
    and toward that glowing white ball she flew,
    her soon-to-be toy now fully in sight.”

  33. The First Happiness System: A Self-Help Book to Embrace Happiness and Transform Your Life

    Are you ready to unlock true and sustainable happiness in your life?
    In a world that never stops moving, we often forget that happiness is not something we stumble upon; it’s a skill that can be cultivated and honed. Welcome to the First Happiness System that embraces the main idea: happiness should and must be trained. Remember, what we train, we gain! Just like any skill, happiness thrives on practice and a systematic approach.

    Through the captivating story of a living person who embarked on a personal journey to find happiness, the author’s discovery led to the creation of a simple and international system for the good life.

    In this happiness book, you’ll get:
    Understanding of how to find happiness and where to search for it.
    Practical tips to make your life happier.
    Gain even more motivation to live and enjoy the moments.

    By the way, this heart-warming book comes to life with delightful illustrations, created by the author’s very own daughter. The artwork adds an extra touch of charm and inspiration to the journey of happiness.
    If you believe that happiness is a journey worth embarking upon and that joy can be mastered, then this self-help book is your key to unlocking true and sustainable happiness.

    Start your journey today and witness the transformation that awaits you!

    Genre: Self-Help, Motivational, Personal Transformation, Happiness, Business & Finance

    Free Date: 3 September, 2023

    ASIN: B0CF618CZ2

  34. Title : Mafia’s Dirty Secret

    Description : Marie should have run away from her abusive mother when she had the chance.
    But she stayed home and cared for the terminally ill monster.
    The one person that she loved but never loved her back.

    Just as she thought her miserable life was never going to get better…
    She met a mysterious out-of-towner.
    She ignored her mother’s advice: to never speak with any man, that all men are bad.

    This beautiful stranger showered her with gifts, kindness, and attention.
    He gave her the sort of love that she had never experienced before in her life.

    What Marie didn’t know is that this gorgeous man—a mafioso—had a reason to get close to her.
    He was on a special revenge mission—and she was his target.

    Warning: This story contains strong language, adult scenes, and some domestic abuse. Intended for adults only.

  35. Elrich is a gambler with nothing to lose. But when he finds a dying dragon and a powerful stone, he becomes the target of a cosmic war. The stone is the Firestone, a weapon that can destroy the universe. And everyone wants it: a dragon lord, a witch queen, and a mad king. Elrich must protect the Firestone from all these foes, with the help of some unlikely allies. But he also must face his own destiny, and the secrets that lie within the Firestone.
    This is a thrilling fantasy adventure of swords, sorcery, dragons and witches, set in a richly imagined world. Warning: This book is highly addictive and may cause sleepless nights and binge reading. Read at your own risk.

  36. Susan And Hannah, verse novel.

    This verse novel tells the story of two girls, both of whom are atheists. One of them tells the truth and is open about her atheism in the predominantly religious community she resides in. Her name is Susan Mariah. The other girl, named Hannah Macdougal, who also lives in the same community, wears a mask and pretends to believe. Is it better to tell the truth about who you are or to lie when you’re around people who hold beliefs contrary to your own? Who fares better in life when they are living under the rule of the majority- A liar or the truthteller? When a society encourages lies and punishes people for being authentic, who are we enabling? Where do people find their value, when they are constantly being devalued? How to people keep loving, when they’re subjected to non-stop hatred? Where do the lies of Hannah Macdougal lead Her? What does the truth get Susan Mariah? Read to find out.

  37. The Kerfuffles is an illustrated series of fictional children’s novels following a day in the life of the Kerfuffle family living in Australia. Written and illustrated by Maria Crocker.

    The series commences with the family moving into a decrepit old house in the suburbs. Not only do twins, Drake and Cindy Kerfuffle, have to deal with the unbearable summer heat and pesky mosquitoes, but also their annoying parents and elderly relatives. Funnily enough, Aunty May and Uncle Harold surprise the family with an unexpected visit over the Summer Holidays and, strangely, refuse to leave.

    Recommended for children who enjoy having a good laugh. The Kerfuffles is a funny, light hearted series guaranteed to bring a smile to children’s faces.
    Written in the third person, the reader is able to experience many hilarious situations from different characters’ viewpoints, making the series even more entertaining for the reader.

    It is aimed at children from approximately 8 to 11 years old.

    The Kerfuffles series includes 5 novels. (Book One: Back to School, Book Two: Mysterious Neighbours, Book Three: Double Take, Book Four: Chickpea Soup and now recently released Book Five: Trick or Treat)

    The following kindle editions from The Kerfuffle Series are available FREE from Now until midnight Monday March 6th at 11:59 PM PDT. (If you miss out don’t worry they will be free again every three months)

    Book#1 – Back to School –
    Book#2 – Mysterious Neighbours –
    Book#3 – Double Take –
    Book #4 – Chickpea Soup –
    Book #5 – Trick or Treat –

    For more information visit – website.

  38. Lonely Candles – $2.99
    Aruna M
    A collection of poems and thoughts that burnt during those lonely nights, even when in company or alone as the fire within has already been lit.

  39. Just submitted “COVID-19: THE INS AND OUTS OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC”:

    Information overload and medical jargon have invaded our daily lives since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. If you find yourself lost in the vastness of this information or still wondering how this could happen, then read on!

    Complex medical and scientific information—PCR tests, immunological memory, spike proteins, variants, and mutations, just to name a few—have become very familiar since the outbreak of COVID-19, have they not? What do these terms really mean, and just how much do you really know?

    This book explains all you need to know about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic: pathology diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and so much more—an easy-to-follow guide using language that you can understand. After reading this book, you will be able to finally make sense of the media reports and scientific data that have become a part of your daily life.

  40. Shashank Singh Rathore Shashank Singh Rathore

    Just submitted “Cryptocurrencies for Dummies” kindle edition. This book provides an overview of the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, with an emphasis on the Bitcoin technology. It’s free on Amazon from 25th – 27th Jan, if anyone would like to give it a read. Would really appreciate it. Thank you! You can find it here, if you want to get it

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