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Empath and Psychic Abilities by Sanyana Alaina

Empath and Psychic Abilities: A Transformative Guide with Shamanic Wisdom and Psychological Insight to Unlock Your Secret Gifts: Embrace Your Shadows, … Your Potential, Become an Empowered Empath by Sanyana Alaina

If you struggle to discern between being overly sensitive and spiritually gifted, this book is your key to transformation!

Sanyana Alaina, a renowned spiritual teacher and medicine woman, has guided countless empaths in discovering their unique inner abilities. Now, for the first time, she shares her profound wisdom in a book. Delve into deep psychological insights and ancient shamanic knowledge, and discover how to unlock your full potential.

What You’ll Discover

Get inspired by profound psychological insights:

• Discover what it means to be an empath and how to deal with the challenges that come with it.
• Find out about your traumas and shadows that may block your abilities, and bring light and healing to them.
• Learn how to work with the depths of your psyche to release the full power of your psychic gifts.
• Overcome any insecurities and fiercely tap into your own greatest potential.

Get a whole new perspective on yourself and this world and become an empowered empath!

Gain powerful insights from the shamanic tradition:

• Find out how to connect with your spirit guides, meet your spirit animal, and perform trance practices and rituals.
• Learn to read energy and to tune into other dimensions.
• Discover ways to protect yourself from unwanted energies.
• Learn how to use your energy to heal yourself and others and discover what it takes to become a conscious and powerful healer.

Receive ancient wisdom and knowledge.

Unleash your psychic powers:

• Get a deep understanding of how your chakra system relates to your psychic powers.
• Learn how to open the energy flow of your chakras and how to develop your psychic gifts.
• Gain not only a deep insight into your psychic abilities but also into your psychic arts, which will help you bring the received and channeled information to Earth.
• Explore your hidden talents, such as a strong intuition, seeing auras, perceiving thoughts and visions, healing with energy, and manifesting your desires.

Become a psychic empath and unleash your superpowers!

The book is filled with countless exercises to awaken your innate psychic abilities and boost your confidence as an empowered psychic empath.

Special Bonuses
With the purchase of this book, you also receive:

– Three recorded healing meditations for daily use.
– A powerful shamanic drum journey into the spirit world.
– Worksheets to transform your shadows into gifts and to find your unique medicine.
– Seven magical Spotify playlists that complement the book’s exercises.

Download Empath and Psychic Abilities while it’s free on Amazon July 11 – 12.

Devour You by Maeve Harlow

Devour You: A Post-Apocalyptic MMMF Kinky Erotica: A Spicy Tale of Bondage, Discipline & Submission in a Cruel New World (The Soldiers’ Toy Book 1) by Maeve Harlow

The van jolts to a stop. There are four of us in the back, four orphan boys. My disguise has worked so far but only because no one has looked too closely. If I can get inside the camp without anyone finding out, I might just be able to disappear in there. A few weeks ago I’d met a family, a father and his two children, who had told me about the camp. It was a large industrial complex the military had started using as a base during the war. That was years ago, now they were rounding up what was left of humanity and bringing them there to restart society from the scraps the war and the bombs left behind. The father had warned me also that I should avoid this place at all costs. Rebuilding society meant children, and women to have them. The soldiers who’d survived took it upon themselves to “assist” with this repopulation, with or without consent. And from the stories he’d told me, it was mostly without. He’d left the camp, sneaking out in the night. The next day he cropped his daughter’s hair and dressed her in boy’s clothes. After we parted ways, I did the same.

But they’d trapped me. As I went into a grocery store to find food, I fell through the floor and into a cage, then waited for three excruciating hours until a group of men came, took my bag and shoes, and put me in the back of the van with three boys, war orphans. I’m small enough to pass for a teenage boy and hoped no one would notice otherwise.

“Check them for weapons,” I hear as the van door slides open. Shit. They’d already checked once, but not very thoroughly, just patting our pockets. Even a slightly more hands-on frisk and they’d be bound to notice I’m a woman and not a boy. The three boys get out, and I stay where I am, starting to shake even more than I was. I don’t have a plan, I’m just scared, and trying to buy time to think. For a minute nothing happens and I think maybe I can get away with this, hide in the van and sneak inside somehow, steal some supplies, and get out before anyone notices.

“There’s one more.” The driver, you bastard.
A man sticks his head into the van and looks around until he sees me cowering in the corner. “Get out.”

I don’t move, panic sending beads of sweat down my neck and ribs. He slams a fist on the roof of the van and I scramble out onto the pavement. The van drives away as the man grabs me by the elbow and drags me towards a corrugated metal wall.
“Hands on the wall.”

This time I do as I’m told, I’m out of options. I try to keep from whimpering as he roughly pats my arms and shoulders, then puts his hands around my rib cage and freezes. He’s running his thumbs over something and I realize what it is at the same time he does: the band of my sports bra. Before I can react he whips me around, pushing me back against the wall. With one hand he pins both my wrists to my chest, with the other pulls my hood back and hat off and grabs my chin, jerking my face up towards his. Neither of us moves for a few seconds. He’s much taller than me, with broad shoulders, short hair, and end-of-day scruff. I can hear my teeth clattering violently. If he turns me in…
I try to speak but it comes out as a sniffle.

He rubs his thumb roughly over my trembling bottom lip and lets out a sigh. “You poor thing.”
He turns to shout something to one of the guards, I have to do something. “No!” I gasp, “Please! Just… d-don’t tell anyone, please!”

He stares at me but then shakes his head.
I keep trying. “Please, you know what they’ll do to me, you don’t have to say
anything… I… please…”
“It doesn’t work like that, sweetheart.”

But he hasn’t called anyone over yet. His hand is still cupping my face and his
thumb rubs my lip again and then caresses my cheek and the cleft in my chin. He’s looking at me like he’s thinking about taking me right here against the wall. Now I’m thinking about it too and, well, I’m kind of turned on. For a second I think, maybe it could just be him, I’d take one man over a hundred, and looks-wise he could certainly be worse.

Download Devour You by Maeve Harlow while it’s free on Amazon July 3 – 4.

Tendrils of the Dark by Hildan Loong

Tendrils of the Dark by Hildan Loong

The future queen was a potted plant? The only way to lift the curse was for her brother to die? She needed to feed on the king’s blood? But that’s not all. She changed back to a 3-year-old on her wedding night! Would she love the same man when she grew up again? Find out in this ravishing book Tendrils of the Dark.

Download Tendrils of the Dark by Hildan Loong while it’s free on Amazon June 29th.

Shadow Work for Couples by Eva Perry

Shadow Work for Couples: Navigating Relationships and Finding Harmony by Eva Perry

“Shadow Work for Couples” is your go-to guide for nurturing your relationship. Discover new perspectives, strategies, tips, and exercises to deepen your bond, overcome challenges, and grow together. Complete a relationship quiz and take a journey of self-discovery through shadow work, and learn how it can impact your relationships. The secret to a truly happy relationship is accepting and loving someone for their positives and their flaws. Through these pages, you will learn to do just that while also getting the best out of each other and your relationship – thrive together!

Download Shadow Work for Couples by Eva Perry while it’s free on Amazon June 26 – 27.

The Exiled by Jason Leigh Smith

The Exiled: A Web of Lies Book 1 by Jason Leigh Smith

Think the Elves are cute? Think again. They’re warriors with explosive magic and fleets of airships. Can the Humans free Belissia from the Elves, or are their plans more sinister?

Download The Exiled by Jason Leigh Smith while it’s free on Amazon 6/24 – 26.