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Rust Moon Realm Book 3 by Maeve Harlow

Rust Moon Realm Book 3: A Dark Fantasy Erotica by Maeve Harlow

After falling through a portal into a violent, grim fantasy realm, Fiona finds she has strange, sought-after powers. The soldiers who find her are ordered to take her to an abandoned tower to keep her safe…and breed her. The Goddess of Wrath seeks Fiona, sending her priestesses to find her and set her free. But until her rescue arrives, she is shackled with an enchanted collar that forces her to submit to the cruel army commander and four strong, ravenous soldiers.

Download Rust Moon Realm Book 3 by Maeve Harlow while it’s free on Amazo May 19 – 20.

Ruckus by Zoe Dawson

Ruckus (SEAL Team Alpha Book 1) by Zoe Dawson

She should feel uncomfortable, especially after yesterday and what had happened with Escobar, but she didn’t. All the danger wrapped around fleeing for her life seemed to settle in her gut, only upping the tension. She just couldn’t get past the fact that he was so willing to be there for her, through anything. Risking his life to save hers, even with the odds so stacked against her.
His big body was intimately joined with hers, his chest pressed against her breasts. She looked up at him, the air between them tightened and heated. He was so close, and he smelled so warm and earthy. Suddenly Dana felt very fragile and very shaky inside. She closed her eyes, clenching her jaw against her own emotions.

Everything tingled in her from her skin to her mind to her fingertips. Her numbness had been safe without letting in emotions, and now with Ruckus, nothing seemed safe.
And she knew that she could never go back to Jeff. That it was over between them. Had been over for some time. He had been part of her life that she’d numbed, and Ruckus made her feel much too alive to lie to herself anymore.

For so long she’d been getting by after her mom’s death, trying with all her might to live up to her mother’s expectations, fulfill her last wish. Keeping her objectivity in place had gotten her through each waking moment. Her life had been so full of movement and harsh environments. Condemnation and guilt. She opened her eyes. But now her world was filled with this man for the long haul. Because with the danger came her determination to beat the odds, get to Salazar, and kick that bully’s ass. She was getting her memory cards back.
“What just happened there?” he asked, his voice dropping an octave, his blue eyes glittering in the eerie silvery light that broke through the canopy, casting his features in stark relief and making her melt inside like warm chocolate. His concern for her was evident.
“I’m not giving up. No matter what happens. I can’t.”

Download Ruckus by Zoe Dawson while it’s free on Amazon May 18 – 31.

Cozy, Vicious, Collared by Maeve Harlow

Cozy, Vicious, Collared: A Post-Apocalyptic Reverse Harem Kinky Erotica (Winter Playmates Book 1) by Maeve Harlow

Tasha finds herself at the mercy of a stranger while on the run from a group of raiders in a grim and lawless post-apocalyptic winter. The stranger gives her a safe place to stay, but when she finds his collection of brutal kink toys, she wants him to dominate her in ways she’s only ever dreamed of. But life outside their cozy oasis is dangerous, and when her dom’s friends find out about her, they’re eager to play with her, too.

Download Cozy, Vicious, Collared while it’s free on Amazon May 15- 16.


Enchanted by the Cursed by Eliane Kensington

Enchanted by the Cursed: A Time-Travel Romance by Eliane Kensington

“Enchanted by the Cursed” is a time travel romance novel centered around Dr. Evelyn Reed, a contemporary scientist who, while visiting Paris for a convention, unexpectedly travels back in time after receiving a mysterious pendant from an old woman in a secluded alley. This event transports her to Paris during a tumultuous medieval period.

In this past world, Evelyn encounters Lucius, an immortal man cursed with endless life, at the moment of his would-be execution. The pendant she received is connected to his curse, containing the power both to sustain and potentially release it. As they journey through ancient Paris, the story unfolds their initial clashes due to their contrasting personalities and motives—Lucius desires the pendant to end his curse, while Evelyn hopes to use it to return to her own time.

Their adventure leads them through political intrigue and supernatural challenges as they seek to understand the true nature of the pendant and Lucius’s curse. Their relationship evolves from contentious to cooperative, deepening into a significant bond influenced by their shared experiences and the trials they face together.

The narrative builds towards a climax where the significance of the pendant and the curse are fully revealed, testing the strength of their relationship and the depth of their personal convictions. The resolution of their story hinges on a critical decision by Evelyn, which will determine their ultimate fates.

Download Enchanted by the Cursed while it’s on sale on Amazon May 14 – 18.


The Witches of Caledonia by Erin Lavelle

The Witches of Caledonia by Erin Lavelle

Love, history and mystery in the Scottish Highlands – the scene of Macbeth and the witches!
Excerpt – I turned to get a proper look at the stone and was surprised to see vases of flowers next to it. Nobody ever left flowers at the stone twenty years ago. I noticed there was also a sturdy metal sign erected on the grassy bank above it. That hadn’t been there before either.

The black sign with white lettering read,

From Cluny Hill witches were rolled in stout barrels through which spikes were driven. Where the barrels stopped they were burned with their mangled contents. This stone marks the site of one such burning.

I shuddered. ‘Mangled contents.” It was too horrific to imagine. But were these witches Macbeth’s witches? I’d a vague memory of that theory being described as a myth by our history teacher. But no matter – I dare say the women who suffered this appalling fate were not thinking of eternal fame in a Shakespeare play as they were bundled into a spiked barrel. I dipped into my handbag and pulled out the Witchfest programme that Emma had given me.
Friday the 20th June. 7 p.m. The Town Hall. ‘Macbeth and the Three Witches. Fact or Fiction?’ Speaker: Professor Timothy Malone, University of Aberdeen.

“That’s a definite one to add to Emma’s potions and lotions workshop,” I thought.
I took a last look at the stone which was some size – about three foot by two foot and found myself thinking of the poor women who’d suffered such an appalling death. The sun was beating down and yet I felt a shiver run up my spine.

I shuddered and decided to change the mood by going for a touristy mooch round the gift shops dotted along the High Street. Isla could only make it up for the weekend (teachers and holidays and all that) and was staying at Emma’s. The plan for today was to meet up at the Beastie for a bar supper and drinks at 5.30 p.m. So that gave me a few hours to kill. This afternoon was to be dedicated to browsing and recovery time. I’d three weeks to fit in the more vigorous stuff like hill walks and beach combing.

Download The Witches of Caledonia while it’s free on Amazon 5/11 – 5/12.