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Cruising from Boston to Montreal by Sunny Lockwood & Al Lockwood

Cruising from Boston to Montreal by Sunny Lockwood & Al Lockwood

This travel memoir celebrates a rousing game at Fenway Park, explores beautiful Acadia National Park, visits Halifax’s Immigration Museum, reveals Alexander Graham Bell’s role in Canadian flight, discovers the center of Ursuline history and worship in Quebec City, and much more.

Midwest Book Review says, “The first-person descriptions read with the drama of fiction and the excitement of journal writing….”

Veteran travelers Al and Sunny Lockwood share their adventures and misadventures on this scintillating cruise of exploration. Join them for an unforgettable journey through part of the largest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Download Cruising from Boston to Montreal while it’s on sale on Amazon April 9 – 10.

Nutcracker of Crystalfall by Kay L Moody

Nutcracker of Crystalfall: A Fae Nutcracker Retelling (Fae and Crystal Thorns) by Kay L Moody

An enchanting retelling of The Nutcracker: At her family’s party, clever Clara meets a mysterious young man who introduces her to the exciting land of Faerie. There, surprises — and danger — await, and Clara faces an impossible choice…

Download Nutcracker of Crystalfall by Kay L Moody while it’s free on Amazon March 31 – April 6.

The Sicilian’s Betrayal by Cindy Redding

The Sicilian’s Betrayal: A second chance and a secret child for the Sicilian billionaire (The DiMarco Empire Book 1) by Cindy Redding

Liz turned with a smile on her lips ready to greet the new customers. She took a step back, her heart froze, and the greeting died on her lips. Rico! she thought, hoping they didn’t notice her stunned expression.

The man seemed to be looking through her as he said in his Italian-accented voice, “We wish to see the ruby and diamond necklace you have in the window.”

“Ah . . . Ah . . . Ye-Yes,” she stammered, her voice sounding strange to her own ears. “Please come with me to our private showing salon.” Walking in front of them, Liz snapped out of her momentary daze and tried to control the turmoil brewing in her head. Her thoughts were running wild. It couldn’t be him, but this man could be his twin. Only Ricardo doesn’t have a twin.

Taking a breath, she opened the door for the couple who entered and, placed their purchases on the shiny mahogany table. Then the tall darkly handsome man helped the beautiful woman remove her coat. He handed the mink to Liz, without so much as looking at her. Hanging the fur on a gold-toned hanger, she placed it carefully in the closet. When Liz turned, he was there. She’d nearly walked into him.

He handed her his coat, his fragrance clinging to the cashmere, the fabric still warm from his body. Mumbling an apology, which he ignored, she breathed deep, trying to still her trembling hands. Big mistake! The scent of his cologne wafted in the air. Her heart tripped in her chest, she ignored that. Liz stood tall and walked to the table offering them a beverage, which they both declined. The woman sat in one of the red leather armchairs at the mahogany table, her blonde hair flowing around her. The man remained standing, his hand on the back of her chair. When she was sure that they were comfortable, Liz said, “I will be back with the necklace you wish to see.”

Returning with the beautiful one-of-a-kind diamond-and ruby-necklace, she placed it on a blue velvet display mat. Again, Liz froze. The gorgeous blonde had taken off her leather gloves and on her left hand was a pear-shaped diamond at least five carats, adorned on either side were pear shape stones of at least one carat each. Without a doubt-an engagement ring.

The man’s eyes bored into Liz. She was beside herself. He looked like Ricardo, he sounded like Ricardo, with that dreamy Italian accent and his deep baritone voice. The voice she still heard in her dreams. Her hands shook as she helped the beautiful blonde hold up the necklace and examine it.

The woman turned to the man. “It’s perfect.”
He bent to look at the piece, took it from her hand and examined it more closely.
Looking at the necklace and not Liz he said, “Tell me about the quality, the origin of the stones, the carat weight.”

Liz tried so hard not to stare, but she couldn’t help it, she was positive it was him. She remembered that Ricardo liked tall blondes, he even had joked that Liz was his first redhead. He told her how much he loved the way her hair looked like fire and how much he liked her wearing it down around her shoulders.

Controlling her voice so it didn’t quiver she said, “There are forty-three Oval Burma Rubies, alternating with forty-three Brilliant Cut Diamonds.” She glanced down at the description card. “The mounting is platinum and eighteen karat yellow gold.”

Finally, the woman turned to Liz. “We will take it. Can you wrap it for us?”
The man pulled out his credit card, looked directly into Liz’s eyes as he handed it to her. She glanced down, there in bold letters on the black metal card was his name, Ricardo Antonio DiMarco.

She took the necklace. “I will be right back,” her voice was a husky whisper. She went into a side room, so she could wrap the gift and run the black metal credit card. Knowing that there would be no problem, the two-hundred-thousand-dollar purchase price would be approved. Liz smirked thinking, he could have bought ten necklaces without issue.

Did he not recognize her? After all, they had been to each other? She gently placed the necklace in a red velvet box. Her fingers were too stiff to tie the bow on the package. Trying desperately to snap out of her daze she managed to make a neat bow out of the gold ribbon, then she placed the box inside a red bag and filled it with gold tissue paper. She brought out the package, along with the receipt that required his signature, and handed him a silver pen.

Download The Sicilian’s Betrayal while it’s free on Amazon March 26 – April 2.

The Bloodbound Curse by Ariel Brouillette

The Bloodbound Curse (The Bloodbound Chronicles Book 1) by Ariel Brouillette

The Bloodbound Curse? This book is a wild ride of magic, curses, and love. Picture a world where blood isn’t just in your veins; it’s got secrets, stories, and some serious magic. Piper’s stuck in a love story turned upside down. It’s like a spell you can’t shake off—a mix of mystery, thriller, romance, and a dash of ‘what the heck just happened’ that keeps you flipping pages.”

Download The Bloodbound Curse by Ariel Brouillette while it’s free on Amazon March 15th.

62 Tips For Caregivers Of Alzheimer´s To Delay Shutdown by Sammie Marsalli

62 Tips For Caregivers Of Alzheimer´s To Delay Shutdown: Preventing Her Shutdown Losing My Wife To Alzheimer´s by Sammie Marsalli

Discover in 62 Tips For Caregivers Of Alzheimer´s To Delay Shutdown, my own invented personalized therapies that will empower a caregiver with new tools and strategies from an experienced caregiver to mitigate “in real time ”changes of behavior of their loved one.

Readers will learn as there are no two Alzheimer’s victims alike, there are no two caregivers alike. We are all different in the way we react. This book details personalized activities and therapies that can vary because we are all dealing with very different behavioral changes. Caregivers are completely on their own.

Detailed experiences from successes and failures from a home caregiver is a guide to deal with these behavioral changes.

Home caregivers of loved ones with Alzheimer´s will sacrifice whatever it takes, suspend any activity they enjoy, ignore their basic necessities, and neglect their health to prevent their loved ones from shutting down.

Provided are powerful strategies that can delay the shutdown from Alzheimer´s and preserve that precious connection.

Be sure to download 62 Tips For Caregivers Of Alzheimer´s while it’s free on Amazon March 14th.