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Achieving success and financial status isn’t always determined by one’s initial circumstances in life. Individuals born into modest circumstances can achieve financial security through dedication and excellence in their careers, leading to substantial earnings or the establishment of successful businesses. Conversely, those born into prosperous environments may face financial challenges due to factors such as economic downturns, imprudent investments, poor decision-making, or unforeseen events like natural disasters. This unpredictability underscores that life poses uncertainties for everyone, regardless of their initial circumstances.

TRANSFORM EVOLVE SUCCEED will be on sale on Amazon February 26 – 29.

Three Shades Called Horace by Jinx James

Three Shades Called Horace: Witchery, Trickery, Love & Serendipity by Jinx James

 There’s witchery, trickery, love, and serendipity in this hilarious paranormal romantic suspense when Pansy, a beautiful psychic, and Max, whose fantasy is to be like his Arthurian superhero, Sir Lancelot, fall in love while battling the dark forces of corporate greed and black magic. In this “delightfully twisted…offbeat supernatural romp”

Amazon Review ????? a global media mogul, three famous ghosts, and two rival witches go head-to-head in a battle for control of a blockbuster live-streamed Show.

Download Three Shades Called Horace while it’s free on Amazon February 25 – 26.

David: God’s Chosen Crucible by Joseph Ganci

David: God’s Chosen Crucible (The Empire of Israel Book 2) by Joseph Ganci

David had reached the pinnacle of success and has created the empire of Israel and is master of all he surveys. He has married his soul mate Bathsheba who is pregnant with his now legitimate child. David is confronted by Nathan the prophet and is tricked into judging himself and naming his own punishment.The prophet proclaims that the sword will never leave your house. What follows is death, destruction, incest, and family murder and the concession of human sacrifice.

Download David: God’s Chosen Crucible while it’s free on Amazon February 19 – 20.

Till Darkness Due Us Part by Courtney Karsen

Till Darkness Due Us Part (Our Little Secret Book 1) by Courtney Karsen

In the shadows of her forgotten memories, Mia’s own kidnapping remains an unsolved mystery she cannot unravel. Mia moves to New York with her parents, attempting to make a new life for herself. However, when she meets Dominique and Zane, her fate quickly changes, allowing her little control over her own life. Mia proceeds to struggle, sacrificing all of what she’s known for years. This is a book made by Courtney Karsen.

 Be sure to download Till Darkness Due Us Part by Courtney Karsen while it’s on sale on Amazon February 18 – 29.

Shadow in the Ward by Ari Gray

Shadow in the Ward by Ari Gray

When technology turns against us, an ER doctor must outsmart a rogue supercomputer during a hospital lockdown. Witness the power of human creativity in this captivating blend of suspense and science.

Shadow in the Ward by Ari Gray is free on Amazon February 18th.