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Misjump by Mark Long

Misjump by Mark LongIt was a cargo run, a jump between systems that they had done a dozen times. It was supposed to be routine. Instead, the crew of the Sarafina find themselves in a universe of ravaged worlds and danger, equipped only with an unarmed trader, the contents of their hold and their wits.

Join the crew for this story of ordinary people forced into adventure as they try to discover why once populous worlds have been wiped clean of humanity, why the first ship they encountered attacked them on sight and how to start the fight back.

With space battles, strange aliens virtual reality, and the fate of humanity on the line, this is a high tension hard SF novel with an ensemble cast.

About the author, Mark Long:

Misjump by Mark LongMark Long is an English author living in the south of England. He is a long time fan of SF and fantasy and loves reading as much as writing.
He freely admits to being influenced by authors from the golden age of SF as well as more modern writers such as Jasper Fforde, Terry Prattchet, Neil Gaiman and Douglas Adams, an author that he has been compared to by some reviewers. However, he maintains that this rampant flattery.

While relatively new to full length novels, Mark has long experience writing poetry (but now feels much better) and short stories, some of which were included in anthologies.

When not writing, Mark has a day job, teaches adults to play the Ukulele, does sound engineering, videography and editing and he is learning to play the saxophone despite the requests of those with ears. He also looks after four indolent and self important dogs. He has heard that sleep is pleasant and will try it if the coffee ever runs out.

In the Image of Man and Misjump are published by Orchid Imprint.

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