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Book 1 of the Love In Time series by Anna Huckabee has 8 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.7 stars.

Promising Meg (Love In Time Book 1) by Anna Huckabee

Promising Meg by Anna HuckabeeAmerican soldier, Jack Collins, is burned when he drags a dying friend into a mustard gas-filled trench. He spends the next agonizing weeks in one army hospital after another. As day after painful day passes, he loses hope that he’ll ever lead a normal life.

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In New England, Meg longs to do her part to help in the war effort, but caring for her elderly grandmother takes up all her time. Then her aunt and uncle make arrangements for her to volunteer in a nearby hospital where she meets Jack. Jack doesn’t think he will ever walk again – but he isn’t counting on Meg’s determination to help him, or on falling in love with this remarkable woman.

The day finally comes when Jack can go home. Meg fears he’ll leave her forever. Will Jack follow through on all he has been promising Meg?

About the author, Anna Huckabee:

Promising Meg by Anna HuckabeeAnna Huckabee grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. She started writing short stories when she was in kindergarten. She wrote her first novel when she was nine years old. Her dream was to grow up to be a “real” writer. In 2011, she participated in her first NaNoWriMo, finished her first “real” novel and the dream became a reality. She has participated in NaNoWriMo every year since.

Today, Anna Huckabee lives with her husband and six children in Uganda, East Africa. They teach and help refugees from Rwanda, Burundi, and Congo and have four churches among the refugees. She and her family visit the United States from time to time, but her heart is in Africa. However, she loves St. Louis so much that aspects of the city figure in many of her books. She writes whenever she can steal a minute.

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