Everything is possible, don’t wait to be happy.

happyWARNING! Reading this book may lead you to happiness. Do you really want it?

When psychologists spoke to folks at nursing homes and hospices about the regrets they have had in their lives, almost all of them mentioned something that made them unhappy.
Some people wished they had spent more time with their families. Others wished they’d had better health during their lives. Even more wished that they’d taken that risky job, gone on that fun vacation, or married that unconventional girl.
Very few of the regrets expressed had anything to do with owning a plasma TV, or a bank account.
It turns out that the one thing people regret before they die is the fact that they missed an opportunity to become happier.
Everything is possible, if only you make some changes now.
Don’t wait to be happy.
Seize happiness like an exuberant adventurer, because it is within your grasp. Seize it because it will make you healthier. Seize it because it will let you love people more.
But, most importantly, seize it today.
So what are you waiting for? Take this book and start creating your Happiness Now!

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