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Constant Guests by Patricia Nedelea

Constant GuestsIsa is a cynical, damaged party girl adrift in a Paris of drugs and fleeting hook ups. Then, her life is abruptly changed when she finds out that her childhood has been fabricated and she has to face up to searching for the truth about her family. But, she soon discovers that she is not the only one searching for answers, and that her life is in danger. As she is drawn into a dark labyrinth of ancient mysteries involving a long-lost pack of Tarot cards, Isa has to decide who she can trust – and whether she can love.



Amazon Review excerpts:

“This thriller combines 14th century European history, an interesting interpretation of the Bible, the history of Tarot cards as well as the wonderful year 1981. Wrap the whole thing up in a Gordian knot of conspiracy theories, and you have the novel, Constant Guests.”

If you are searching for a book that has ties to a thriller, suspense, romance and some history tossed in for good measure this my friend, is your book. You will not be disappointed. Reminiscent too 30 Pieces of Silver and the DaVinci Code, Constant Guests takes you on a wild ride.


About the author, Patricia Nedelea:

Patricia NedeleaMy name is Patricia Nedelea and I’m currently living in Transylvania. After lots of life changes, I decided to become a full-time fiction writer. Constant Guests is my first novel.
My childhood dream was to be on stage, and after years of hard work I became a professional actress. Then I wanted to do something different, so I became an academic: I’ve got four Master Degrees and two PhDs. One of my PhDs was mostly about deconstruction, a reading and writing method I’m in love with. I’ve deconstructed and reconstructed Shakespeare, and the result was the academic book Femina Ludens.

The other PhD was on Medieval and Renaissance history, more specifically on Tarot history. Historians have agreed that the questions about tarot origins are to be left unanswered, but I did not want to accept that. My novel Constant Guests offers an alternative answer to those questions.

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