Otakara promotes self-respect and self-love.

Hear Your Body Whisper: How to Unlock Your Self-Healing Mechanism by [Klettke, Otakara]Hear Your Body Whisper teaches the language your body speaks to the mind. Every human body is born with existing self-healing mechanism that is often disengaged in life. When the body is put back in the balance it turns into a self-healing machine.
Otakara Klettke speaks of her own experience of ill childhood and how she was able to escape constant doctor’s appointments and hospital stays.

The book teaches a brand new perspective of a human body. This perspective separates the consciousness and body as two separate entities that live in symbiotic relationship. This perspective allows you to learn how to truly and unconditionally love and respect your body. Your body will show you what is best for it and how to care for it in return.

After you learn to get rid of toxins stored inside you learn how to recognize what is best for you without using willpower. The author doesn’t promote specific diet although part of the book is dedicated to understanding food. Rather Otakara promotes self-respect, truth and self-love. You will learn about microorganisms in the human body. Also about the importance of eating organic food and how to switch to organic food on budget. How to find an exercise that is fun for you and how to sustain it. Most importantly you will learn how to meditate in order to access the way your body whispers its messages to you.

About the author, Otakara Klettke:

Otakara KlettkeOtakara Klettke. Nobody would ever guess this lady full of life, adventure stories from traveling the world, also living in 4 countries, was once a very sickly child that couldn’t even carry her school books. How did she manage to escape special diets, constant visits to a doctor, surgeries, hospital stays, and was able to become a personal fitness trainer, adventurer, and TV reporter while keeping her body in the same shape? She talks and listens to her body. In her book, Hear Your Body Whisper, she shares how she said “No!” to the limitations of her health problems, left doctors in the dust, and started living life to the fullest.

Currently she lives on a ranch with her husband and daughter by the beautiful Cascade mountain range in Oregon, raising too many pets, and taking every chance to go on road trips with her brilliant, homeschooled daughter.


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