Free eBooks Available February 2 – 8

Here is a list of free eBooks available
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Upcoming Free eBook January 30 – February 4

Soul Meaning (Seventeen Book 1) by AD Starrling

upcoming free ebookFrom the award-winning series Seventeen comes a high-octane, action-packed twist on immortality.

‘My name is Lucas Soul. Today, I died again. This is my fifteenth death in the last four hundred and fifty years.’

Soul is an outcast of the immortal societies.

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Upcoming Free eBook Feb. 1 – 3

How To Make A Part or Full Time Income Selling on Amazon FBA by Jason Daughtry

A complete guide to selling with Fulfilled by Amazon. Anyone with a home computer and the desire and ability to learn can run this business, from a stay at home mom to a college student. Explains what FBA is and how it works. How and where to source products. Tools to aid in running your business and where to get them. Commonly asked questions and mistakes made to help you get off the ground running in your new business.

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Upcoming Free eBook February 1 – 5

Betrayal’s Price by Lisa Blackwood

upcoming free ebookFor some, rebirth is not a reward.

Centuries ago the gods demanded Ashayna Stonemantle sacrifice her demon-tainted lover. She did, and then ended her own life, but it didn’t fulfill her obligations to the gods.

Reborn into a new body, Ashayna has no awareness of her former life until her sentient magic manipulates her into seeking out Sorntar, Crown Prince of the Phoenix.

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Upcoming Free eBook February 2 – 6

The Vanishing Magic of Snow by Reb MacRath

upcoming free ebook

Each standalone book in this series will take you to a grave new world where those who’ve played fast with their lives or the law are on the run from karma. Breakneck thrills, hairpin turns and forces hellbent on collecting await. Only the noblest souls will survive.
This reformatted edition contains some light editorial changes.

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Upcoming Free eBook Feb. 4 – 6

The Contingency Factor by Philip Fleishman

Faith Greene decides to have her breasts enlarged with silicone implants. It is a mistake she will not live to regret.

On December 10, 1990, popular TV host, Connie Chung, interviews several women with severe, debilitating diseases they claim are the direct result of silicone breast implants. Two medical experts on the panel confirm their claims.

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Upcoming Free eBook Feb. 4 – 7

The Liver Cleanse and Detox Diet: Ultimate Liver Cleansing Guide to stay Healthy and Lose Weight! by Michael Mertz

We dump a lot of unwanted things into our body through food in the form of drugs, heavy metal, medications, pesticides, anti-parasites, chemicals, toxins, insecticides (be it in a very small amount), dust, carcinogens and other types of toxins. The liver detoxifies these unwanted materials through the bile. An excess of meat, whisky, beer, junk foods, cheese, food containing saturated fats can stress the liver. a man healthier.

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Upcoming Free eBook Feb. 4 – 8

Soulene: A Healer’s Tale (Soulene Trilogy Book 1) by Ursula Pearson

In feudal England, a 16-year-old girl is mastering the healing arts as an apprentice of Hospice de Coeur Rouge, known as the Red Heart Healers by the local peasantry. Her life is turned upside down after discovering a handsome, gravely wounded knight in the forest. Who is this mysterious warrior?

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Upcoming Free eBook Feb. 5- 6

The Cleanup Artist: House Cleaning & Declutter Hacks for Home Makers by Michelle Porter

What is the clean up artist?

Forget regimental house cleaning programs, life coaching success manuals or even the ‘how to do as little as possible’ cleaning tips guide …The clean up artist is all about acceptance and enjoyment through an organic learning program that’ll stay with you long after you’re first introduction the Jess.

Who’s Jess?
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Upcoming Free eBook Ferbruary 6 – 7

10 Stacks To Success: How to Achieve Success One Goal at a Time by Jerome Jay Isip

upcoming free ebooksSearching for a NEW way to get motivated? As the title implies, “10 Stacks To Success” is this generation’s guide to discovering that there are no limits. Unleashing the power of your own creativity can be a challenge. But there is nothing more rewarding than opening up all of the potential you that you have had inside of you the whole time. More confidence, more understanding, and more freedom than ever, are yours for the taking.

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Upcoming Free eBook Feb. 6 – 8

Freelance Writing for Beginners: How to Make Money Writing by Mike Reuther

Freelance writing can be fun, rewarding and even lucrative. Yes, there is money to be made from freelance writing. Longtime journalist and freelance writer Mike Reuther reveals some of the ways of getting started as a freelance writer and being successful at it. Learn about writing for publications and businesses. Reuther shares some of his experiences and provides insight into this exciting world.

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Upcoming Free eBook Feb. 6 – 8

The Beacon by Paul MacPherson

Ethan Mason had everything he wanted. That is until his world started coming apart around him. With his company in ruin and his future unclear, he sets out to renew himself and figure out his next venture.

Instead he finds out the reality of board room politics in the real world and life takes him in an unexpected direction when he meets Anna.

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Upcoming Free eBook February 7 – 8

Your Daily Bible Verse, Rachelle Ayala

upcoming free eBookThis handy guide contains a Bible Verse for each Month and Day of the Year. Starting with January 1 and Genesis 1:1 to December 31 and Mark 12:31.

Find the verse that corresponds to your birthday, anniversary of holiday.

Need a memory verse for the day? Or a life verse? The month and day correlation makes it simple and easy to associate a Bible verse for each day of the year.

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Upcoming Free eBook Feb. 7 – 8

The Illumination – A Short Story of the Magic of Life and The Light, by M.G. Hawking

upcoming free ebookFirst Edition – A Story of the Magic of Life and The Light

In a delightfully mystical short story, while deep in the vast wilderness of the Himalayan mountains the author encounters something very unexpected . . . answers to his innermost questions.

“Always I have loved the vastness and beauty of nature,

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Upcoming Free eBook February 7 – 10

Roses in December by R. L. Mosz

upcoming free ebookAnnie Aldridge is in love with poetic, whimsical Ethan Jackson. But Ethan is a man in search of himself and is unable to decide with whom he wants to be. Just across the street, police detective Al Tortino admires Annie from a careful distance. But for Annie, their handsome neighbor is little more than an increasing annoyance, despite his being close friends with her uncle and young niece, with whom Annie lives in the imposing old Graystone house.

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Upcoming Free eBook Feb. 8 – 10

The Other of One: Book One (Editor’s Edition) — Brian G. Burke

Told in true Seanchaí fashion, The Other of One is an Irish fantasy about a boy named William Muldoon who is summoned to a mythical world underground. The wondrous realm of Lythiann.

There he meets a community of Imps who are seeking refuge from a Wrythunn most foul, Drevol Briggun.

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Upcoming Free eBook Feb. 8 – 11

Facebook Marketing For Business: Advertising Tips, Tricks & Strategies To Generate Traffic And Boost Sales by Nick Logan

Are you still trying to figure out if Facebook can help your business grow

Even though there are new social media platforms emerging every year, they still cannot generate the hype nor the grip that Facebook has on its users.

Facebook is the most addictive social media platform!

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