Simple Meals for Work by Deborah Fox

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Simple Meals for Work (Eat Well, Feel Great Book 2) by Deborah Fox

Simple Meals for WorkSimple Meals for Work, by Deborah Fox, offers the reader a proven way to get organized for healthy eating at work. It shows step by step how to eat right with healthy tasty food.

This book is part of a book series by Deborah Fox which deals with nutrition and how to lose weight without having to go through diets and counting calories.
Deborah, her family, and other families have used her method to eat mostly basic, nutritious, tasty food, and they all lost weight and feel great.

Most recipes you will find in Deborah’s book series are based on Mediterranean cuisine because the food is colorful, varied, fresh, nutrient-rich, and delicious. Mediterranean cuisine is based on fresh products, plenty of vegetables and herbs, legumes and grains, olive oil, cheese, and fresh meat.

In Simple Meals for Work you will learn special tips on how to implement eating well easily in your daily life. You will find tasty, easy-to-make recipes organized in a very easy-to-use way and lots of tips for how to get organized to make great food for work.
Healthy food makes the digestive system work well, and that’s how we lose weight. The secret is to stick to guidelines for the amount and quality of food we eat, and that’s very easy. The more nutritious food we eat, the fewer sugars and carbohydrates we need. When you use the suggestions in this e-book, you will notice it yourself.


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