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Plagued: Book 1 by Eden Crowne

plaguedThere are no zombies in this apocalypse, but there are monsters here.

In sixteen-year-old Skylar Christensen’s America, negative is good. Positive is bad. In fact, being Negative is the only way to survive. Over half of the world’s population has been wiped out in the blood plagues following a bird flu pandemic. Only Negatives, people with negative blood types, are immune.

America needs Negatives for the military and the government, because they don’t die. At least from the flu. That’s not the only reason. The viral mutation that turns its victim’s blood to toxic poison leaves Negatives – young and old – with enhanced senses, improved strength and often, something far more sinister. Something unexplainable by science.

Skylar, like every Negative her age, undergoes military training after school. Patrolling nightly for Hemogoblin blood gangs, profiteers, and Victims Army guerrillas. Life isn’t so bad. After her mandatory ten-year government service, Skylar will be free to pursue her own ambitions. She has a future.

Hugo St. James changes that. Changes everything. Clever, smart, handsome, English aristocrat, Hugo. A positive blood type who probably won’t survive the coming winter. A senior at her high school and suddenly very interested in her – for all the wrong reasons.
With Hugo comes so many firsts: first crush, first kiss, first murder, first charge of high treason. Hugo forces Skylar into the traitorous world of illegal blood dealers, international conspiracies and government-bred genetic mutations.

Too late, she learns their families are tragically bound by a history of blood and death. The sins of their parents the real reason her generation is called, the plague children.


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