Easy Recipes for Healthy Baby Development

The easy recipes in this cookbook for babies are divided into two stages: 6 and 7-month-old babies and babies 8 to 12 months old.

150+ Best Baby Purees Cookbook: Healthy and Easy Recipes with 100+ Tips on Weaning and Solids Introduction by Angelina Gardner

Healthy and Easy RecipesDo you want to raise a healthy baby and save money on jarred baby food?

Of course, you do.  But many parents do not know what types of foods are best for healthy baby development, or at what age they should start weaning a baby.  Relax!  In this book Supermoms and Superdads are provided over 150 delicious puree recipes guaranteed to make your baby want to eat solid food.  And, best of all, anybody can make these baby smoothie recipes with no special equipment or expensive ingredients.  Treat your growing baby to a huge variety of homemade baby food recipes that only take minutes to prepare and taste awesome… even for picky eater babies.

The recipes in this best puree cookbook for babies are divided into two stages. First Stage purees are for 6 and 7-month-old babies and the Second Stage is for babies 8 to 12 months old. These healthy puree recipes for babies include:

  • 2 ingredient vegetable and fruit purees
  • 3+ ingredient purees made of vegetables, fruits or both
  • Complex purees based on baby cereals, meat, fish and dairy products.

This baby food cookbook contains essential information on:

  • When to start weaning your baby and feeding solid food
  • What to choose as the 1st baby food
  • Best first veggies and fruits and their nutrients and health benefits
  • What kinds of spices to use in healthy baby food
  • Chapters are preceded by tables with the information about the suggested quantity of food a baby should be fed at certain ages

About the author of these easy recipes, Angelina Gardner:

author of these easy recipes, Angelina GardnerAngelina Gardner is a 30-year-old Pedagogist whose extensive knowledge and unwavering dedication have led her to becoming a sought-after leader in her field. For the last decade, her ultimate mission has been to help fellow mothers raise healthy children who not only eat nutritious food, but truly love fruits and vegetables. As a proud health-conscious mother herself (of a beautiful baby boy and little girl), she possesses a first-hand understanding of the importance of proper childhood nutrition.

Download these healthy and easy recipes while they’re free today.

In addition to completing dozens of e-courses on cooking and nutrition as well as e-webinars on weaning and solids introduction, Angelina holds her Master’s degree in Pedagogy. Her vast professional and academic background aside, she has an affinity for cooking wholesome meals with all organic ingredients.

During her spare time, Angelina Gardner enjoys spending quality time with her husband, children, and their two cats. She also loves painting landscapes and capturing nature’s beauty through a camera lens.

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