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Strengthen your prayer life while seeking God in prayer.

Unleash the Power of Prayer in Your Life: A Power that Transforms Lives by Horace Williams Jr

strengthen your prayer lifeFrom a Stroke survivor to an Award-winning author!

Do you desire to experience God’s transcendent power in your life? God in His goodness rescued me from a dark and dangerous path my life was headed down. I have experienced His power in my own life.

Prayer is a mystery that we struggle to understand. Do you realize that your prayer life is a reflection of your relationship with Jesus Christ? Almighty God has given you access to to His throne of grace, and with that access, there is power! Power to transform your life and the lives of others.

In this award-winning book, you will read about some of the magnificent blessings available to you as you strengthen your prayer life while seeking God in prayer.

When you make prayer a priority and pray with purpose; God’s power will be revealed, and lives are transformed!  Are you ready to unleash God’s power in your life?

??? There are so many blessings from an intimate prayer life with God.

Stronger faith, a closer relationship with God. You can have assurance that He hears your prayers, and you receive direction when you hear from Him. Talking with God gives you indescribable hope that will transform your life!

About the author to help you strengthen your prayer life, Horace Williams Jr.

The oldest son of an United States Army captain, Horace Williams, Jr. lived most of his toddler years in western Germany, at the foot of breathtaking mountains.
He then moved to Iowa with his parents as they pursued a life in Christian ministry. Horace accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior at a young age, but he did not seek Him wholeheartedly growing up. He then traveled around the United States with his parents before the family settled in Texas.

In 2010, at the height of his career as a sales and marketing consultant, Horace suffered a massive stroke which paralyzed his left side. It was during those times in the hospital that God recaptured his heart and gave him new purpose in life. Horace now has a passion for Christ. God continues to transform him and renew his mind. He wants to encourage people-reminding them of God’s unconditional love and His transforming power.

Strengthen your prayer life while seeking God in prayer. Download Unleash the Power of Prayer now!
At the suggestion of his baby sister, who knew of his passion for writing, Horace created and writes on a Bible-based blog God has taken his desire to write and use it for His glory. Unleash the Power of Prayer in Your Life is a book born out of love to help strengthen your prayer life. Horace has witnessed God’s amazing power throughout his stroke recovery. There is true power in prayer.

Lord willing, Horace is planning for his next book, to publish in the Fall of 2018. It is his prayer that you are blessed, encouraged, and inspired to seek God in prayer with purpose.

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