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Heroin, Oxycontin, and Other Opiates: Breaking your addiction to them by Ken Montrose

opiate addictionThis workbook looks at the carrot and the stick of opiate addiction. The exercises are geared to helping the reader recognize what motivates him to continue using these drugs. It also discusses common-sense approaches to recovering from addiction.

From the Introduction:
There is a “carrot and stick” to opiates. Imagine a jackass chasing a carrot dangled in front of him on a stick. The animal will chase that carrot until he is exhausted, remembering the taste of the first carrot.

Download “Heroin, Oxycontin, and Other Opiates” while it’s free today.

Now imagine that his master finally allows him to eat the carrot in the shade. The carrot only satisfies his hunger for a few minutes. In what seems like a moment, his master will be hitting him with a stick to get him moving again. Soon his belly is rumbling, his sides hurt from the stick, and he knows he must get up to chase another carrot.

Opiates are the carrot and the stick. The high, and the escape from pain, are the carrot. Withdrawal and all the problems opiate addiction causes are the stick. Addiction is the master. Guess which role you play. This workbook will help you stop.

About the author of “Heroin, Oxycontin, and Other Opiates”, Ken Montrose:

opiate addictionBlind cat

I did a lot of personal research into the life of an alcoholic. The last time I had a drink I made an illegal left turn at 3:00 a.m., hitting a county sheriff. I was $35K in debt. I had just gotten kicked out of my Ph.D. program. My divorce was a month from being final. I lived in an apartment with no furniture. My cat was blind.

When Even the Voices are Hungover
I learned about mental illness by spending ten years helping people with schizophrenia overcome addiction. We’d talk about why partying with the voices was a bad idea, or the importance of not mixing Prolixin with crack. I was humbled by folks who stayed sober despite delusions, paranoia, hospitalizations, and horrible medication side effects.

Download “Heroin, Oxycontin, and Other Opiates” while it’s free today.
Write now?
I started writing when I was in my early thirties. I wrote Dancing With Rachel in 1995, got a literary agent, and became an expert on rejection letters. Greenbriar Treatment Center asked me to write the workbooks we gave to patients. We began selling them online and at conferences, where they were very well received.

Lucky me
I have a wife and two children. They amaze me everyday. I work at a rehab. The people there amaze me as well. Much of what I write is inspired by their struggles. I am working on another daily meditation book for recovering addicts, a series of short stories, and a novella about the clash between a shadow government, the real government, and people forced to take sides.

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