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Book 1 of the Tiamis series has 18 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.7 stars.

The Free Prisoner (Tiamis Book 1) by A.L. Rugova

The Free Prisoner (Tiamis Book 1) by A.L. RugovaYou may call him Kevin, but Kevin is not his name.

One hundred and forty-nine years have passed since Earth fell apart. The new human settlements, though resources scarce, are thriving in peace. Or that’s what Kevin has thought. Until red flames engorge town after town on one ordinary night—a longtime foe has invaded his empire.

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Kevin’s escape pod crashes into a hostile kingdom on Earth. Trapped and alone, he must plan to reclaim his empire. He needs to act—fast. But he is being watched. Closely.

Kevin must fake his identity, or he might as well kiss his only asylum goodbye. Wary of trusting anyone, Kevin still searches for allies to help him on his mission. With the Empire of Tiamis and his family’s lives at stake, one wrong move may be too much to risk.

About the author of Tiamis Book 1, A.L. Rugova:

A.L. Rugova is an ordinary stay-at-home mom with three crazy kids and a doting husband. Her favorite leisure is daydreaming on the couch and singing in the kitchen. She is drawn to anything related to moon and autumn. Her family doesn’t stay in one place long, so she’s always looking forward to their next destination.

Book 1 of the Tiamis series is free today on Amazon.

“I am an ordinary woman. I chat with my noisy brain. Okay, I daydream too much. When I think of myself, I think of my bucket list. I’m a goal setter, so my bucket list only gets longer. I’m hoping I can actually cross everything off before I die.

I also keep a dream journal, meaning I DO write my dreams down almost as soon as I wake up. Most of my dreams are magical, eerie, grim, thrilling, and action-packed. And I’m not ashamed to admit, they are the muse of my creative brain. Am I doing a good job utilizing my dreams? I’ll let you decide (wink).”

With the Empire of Tiamis and his family’s lives at stake, one wrong move by Kevin and he might as well kiss his only asylum goodbye.

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