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Second Chance Earth: Change Is Our Future by Alexander Elliott

free kindle bookCaught in a whirlwind of destruction, a dying Earth is host to only a handful of old, starving humans. With few women, little food, and a toxic environment, humanity is faced with extinction. Scott Hayes, at the end of his hope and longing for death, awakens to find that the Earth has been rescued by a strange amorphous entity he names the Cloud. While they have begun restoring the planet, they have also made drastic changes to the people left behind.




My Uncle Jack’s Off by Bo Nehr

free kindle bookHot dogs, pimps, elephants and crime. These things have absolutely nothing to do with this epic twisted tale, but you have to admit they’re pretty attention grabbing, right?!?

Bored of reading the same old hum-drum books about superheroes, lawn furniture and how to grow the best cheese log? My Uncle Jack’s Off is a one-of-a-kind tale with a ham-fisted, adult-focused tone that will have you laughing out loud with every turn of the page until your belly aches.



free kindle bookZoe and Alf make promises they both vow to keep. At separate schools, Alf meets Sarah, and Zoe meets Lucas, yet they both are determined to keep the promise. Sarah wants more than Alf is willing to give, and the Southern gentleman, Lucas, sweeps Zoe off her feet. Will the promise be kept? Which world will Zoe choose?

Love comes in many forms. (Book 7, but all books in the series are stand alone reads.)
Abilene, Kansas February 1894



Just Love Me 1: A Best Friend’s Brother Romance by C.C. Cartwright

free kindle bookI’m God’s gift to women. What can I say? When I’m out and about, I catch the ladies checking out the goods. I’m at the beach today, and my sister has her posse of friends with her. One, in particular, is beyond beautiful, with a killer body to match.

“Justin, don’t you remember me?” she asks in the most sensual voice I’ve heard in a long, long time.

“Sloane Hart, is that you?” I utter in disbelief. It’s my little sister’s best friend, all grown up and filled out in all the right places.


A Dark & Demented Anthology: Horror Blinks (Vol. 1) by Nina Hobson

free kindle bookCome one come all! Enter a place where socks have feelings, your name can truly change your life, and family is all that matters. All these and more await you on our first stop in this dark & demented world.

If you like the creepiness of “Tales from the Crypt,” Rod Serling’s unsettling, “Twilight Zone,” and the deranged speculative fiction of the iconic, cult-like favorite, “Weird Tales™,” then you’ll love the EPISODIC, CLASSIC, DARK FANTASY, SCIENCE FICTION AND SOFT HORROR STORYTELLING in Nina Hobson’s Horror Blinks Collection.



Patriot Son: Battlefront America (Patriot Son: Dystopian Survival Book 1) by T.A. Walters

free kindle bookFrom the Best Selling Author of the Silo 40 series

Out of a nuclear-induced EMP, America is shaken as all three of our country’s main power grids are destroyed. Trucks, cars, buses, and even trains roll to a permanent halt. Streets and highways appeared as desolate as auto junkyards and major cities became mausoleums of the millions who died from sarin gas bombings.




Coming Home to You (Man from Yesterday Book 1) by Barbara Lohr

free kindle bookCole Campbell is buried in Kate’s past. Or maybe not. Sometimes a girl can’t shake off her memories. Late at night they whisper to her, like beach waves lapping the shoreline. Persistent. Strong. Seductive.

Duty calls Kate Kennedy home to Gull Harbor. Can her high school crush convince her to stay? The handsome contractor is changing her hometown, while she wants it to stay just the way it was. Can he overcome her reservations? Can she turn her back on his eight year-old daughter, who needs a woman’s care and concern?



After the Cure by Deirdre Gould

free kindle bookEight years ago the December Plague swept through the human population of earth. The Infected were driven mad by the disease, becoming violent and cannibalistic, killing even those closest to them without hesitation.

Six years ago, the tiny surviving community of Immune humans found a cure, and the Infected began to wake up and realize what they’d done. And what had been done to them.




Free Kindle Book Available Now!

free kindle bookRecent college grad Leila Montgomery has her sights set on Whitmore and Creighton, a PR agency for the rich and famous. While she’s interviewing for a position she’s overqualified for, she’s determined to get her foot in the door by any means necessary–but she doesn’t count on accidentally mouthing off to the enigmatic billionaire at the helm of the company, Jacob Whitmore.





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