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    Another Free Kindle Book!

    Cluster Faux by Dan Long

    free kindle bookIn 1976 New Jersey, motor vehicles supervisor Karl Devers lives his life and chooses his destiny based on tainted memory clusters. No-holds-barred investigator Jimmy Rossiter closes every case he’s ever been assigned. Mild-mannered state trooper Conrad Hunt counts the weeks until retirement and has nothing to prove to anyone.




    Escape to Osprey Cove, Book 1 by Luisa Marietta Gold

    free kindle bookThis is book one of the six book Osprey Cove Lodge series. Download it now to enjoy this cozy mystery full of romance and intrigue.

    When Doug meets Catherine and discovers she’s from a rich family, he realizes that marrying her would satisfy his craving for a better life. During a vacation in the Caribbean town of Saint Martin, Catherine is disappointed by her need to return to New York to handle a business problem. But to Doug it’s just one more thing to add to the list of complaints he has of his marriage.


    Sataniel: The Return of the Master by Joe Sykes

    free kindle book1st June 1970. Prince Sataniel plans total control of human life on Earth.

    Author Joe Sykes is London-born and writes suspense thrillers, horror, and contemporary and period drama. Following ‘Profiler’, his next book is ‘Sataniel: Part 1 – The Return of the Master.’ Joe is currently writing ‘Inheritance’, a period screenplay set in 1860s in London and Tangiers.



    The Moonchild (The Soulweaver Series) by Heidi Catherine

    free kindle bookTo touch the moon, you have to catch a falling star…

    When Charlie meets Essie as a young child in outback Australia, he’s drawn to her in a way he doesn’t understand. She’s so different to him, yet somehow they’re exactly the same.

    As they kick up the red sand of the desert by day and sit on the porch with their eyes glued to the stars by night, they learn that they’re capable of so much more than they imagined.


    Secrets on the Sand (Barefoot Bay Billionaires Book 1) by Roxanne St. Claire

    free kindle book

    Zeke Nicholas has turned his mathematical genius skills into a mountain of money. But Zeke sits on that mountain all alone, longing for the one thing money cannot buy: a lifelong partner and true love. Enter Mandy Mitchell…the maid at his thousand-dollar-a-night resort.

    The minute they meet, Mandy knows he’s exactly the kind of trouble she should avoid…but Zeke does have one thing Mandy needs to gain the independence she craves. Will he give it to her?


    free kindle bookFrom USA TODAY Bestselling Author, C. L. Stone, read Thief, the first book in The Academy Scarab Beetle Series.

    Kayli Winchester is a dirt-poor girl living out of a hotel, forced to be the parent for a drunken father and teenage brother who she’s desperate to keep in school. The only way she scrapes by is to utilize her one skill: pickpocketing. But even though she’s a thief she has a moral code: no kids or old ladies, only targets who can defend themselves. Not that they see her coming…



    The Sixth Discipline by Carmen Webster Buxton

    free kindle bookRan-Del Jahanpur is a warrior of the Sansoussy Forest, trained in both the mental and physical Disciplines of his people. He thinks he’s prepared for any danger the forest might hold, but his skills prove useless when he’s caught in a hi-tech trap. Soon Ran-Del finds himself in a city so alien it might as well be another world—machines speak, vehicles fly, and his captors’ weapons can inflict pain without touching him. Every time Ran-Del tries to escape, he’s foiled by a technology he doesn’t understand.



    free kindle bookSome secrets chill to the bone….

    Smashed heirlooms, ripped upholstery and rifled drawers-who is breaking into homes during a record-breaking snowy winter, vandalizing and stealing.

    Whoever it is–is targeting the most vulnerable–the seniors of a small northwoods town. As the new sheriff, Rodd Durand, home again to small town Steadfast, Wisconsin, takes on the Snowmobile Burglar. In the course of her duties, Wendy Carey, the home health nurse, discovers each new break-in and wants more than anything to stop him.


    Just Love Me 1: A Best Friend’s Brother Romance by C.C. Cartwright

    free kindle bookI’m God’s gift to women. What can I say? When I’m out and about, I catch the ladies checking out the goods. I’m at the beach today, and my sister has her posse of friends with her. One, in particular, is beyond beautiful, with a killer body to match.

    “Justin, don’t you remember me?” she asks in the most sensual voice I’ve heard in a long, long time.

    “Sloane Hart, is that you?” I utter in disbelief. It’s my little sister’s best friend, all grown up and filled out in all the right places.


    A Dark & Demented Anthology: Horror Blinks (Vol. 1) by Nina Hobson

    free kindle bookCome one come all! Enter a place where socks have feelings, your name can truly change your life, and family is all that matters. All these and more await you on our first stop in this dark & demented world.

    If you like the creepiness of “Tales from the Crypt,” Rod Serling’s unsettling, “Twilight Zone,” and the deranged speculative fiction of the iconic, cult-like favorite, “Weird Tales™,” then you’ll love the EPISODIC, CLASSIC, DARK FANTASY, SCIENCE FICTION AND SOFT HORROR STORYTELLING in Nina Hobson’s Horror Blinks Collection.


    Free Kindle Book Available Now!

    free kindle bookRecent college grad Leila Montgomery has her sights set on Whitmore and Creighton, a PR agency for the rich and famous. While she’s interviewing for a position she’s overqualified for, she’s determined to get her foot in the door by any means necessary–but she doesn’t count on accidentally mouthing off to the enigmatic billionaire at the helm of the company, Jacob Whitmore.



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    3. Thank you for including “The Adventures of Froblicious the Frog” in today’s promotion, Jim! I sincerely appreciated it. I already added the “” button to my site (love that) and shared this page on social media.

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    5. Thanks Jim, for the listing. I’ve worked hard to promote the book about everyplace that seemed relevant. This book fills such a small niche, but is important to those that struggle in the areas it covers and the exposed so that those may be helped is appreciated.
      Paul Moehring

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      • Hi Kate,
        She’s Out of His League sounds like a fun story. I look forward to downloading it December 15th, while it’s free.
        Good luck!

    9. Thanks so much, Jim, for promoting Her Gilded Prison.

      I have also just bought your “Sell More Books: Amazon Promotion and Marketing Strategies” and am already finding it really useful. Even though I’ve self published a number of books it’s been so good to start at the beginning of your guide to reinforce what I should be doing each time I put out a book, and then to also find so many useful additional things I could do. So, thank you!

      • Thanks so much for the kind words. I hope you have great success with your promotion and I look forward to reading your books.

    10. Thanks for the listing Jim.
      When I was bothering you about the buttons, I was referring to a New Free Kindle Books button to put on my blog.

      If you have one of those I would be glad to put it up.

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