Candi Sary’s Coming of Age Fiction

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Black Crow White Lie by Candi Sary

Author Candi SaryYoung Carson Calley lives in Hollywood motels with his mom who is a psychic and an alcoholic. She has nothing of value to offer her son so she lavishes him with lies. The boy has a strange and magical gift that seems to grow along with his mother’s lies, but once he wises up to her, his identity is completely shattered. Carson befriends Faris, a tattoo shop owner, and Casper, a cashier at a head shop. These two unlikely mentors help this troubled yet extraordinary boy find his way to the truth.



Editorial Reviews

“This is a praiseworthy, poignant work.” -Publishers Weekly
from the semifinals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award
“Sary succeeds in portraying teen angst without melodrama, in depicting compassion without sentimentality, and in creating a world of characters on the margins of society whose depth and complexity outshine any Hollywood hero.” -Chanticleer Book Reviews
“Few novelists can arrestingly channel the voice of a neglected fourteen-year-old boy, half street urchin, half spiritual shaman, and emerge with an engaging first-person narrative that doesn’t drip with sentimentality or patronize teen culture. Candi Sary can…” Foreword Reviews Magazine

“…a thoughtful and powerful book that’s engaging, entertaining and smart.” LA Books Examiner

“What this book asks is whether we can identify our calling in life and use it as a gift for others. In Black Crow White Lie, Carson accomplishes that feat. So, as a writer, does Sary.” -Daily Pilot

“…this was one of the most emotionally satisfying reads I’ve had all autumn. It comes strongly recommended to one and all.” -Chicago Center for Literature and Photography

“Carson Calley is the narrator in this coming of age novel that will have you clamoring for another book by author Candi Sary. It’s just that good!” -Minding Spot Reviews

About the author, Candi Sary:

Candi SaryCandi Sary graduated from the University of California, Irvine. She has been in the finals of several writing competitions. Including the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition, the Santa Fe Writers Project Literary Awards, and the Dahlonega Literary Festival Novel Contest. Her novel ‘Black Crow White Lie’ won Reader Views Literary Award for the West-Pacific region. It also won first place in the Dante Rosseti Awards, and was named first runner-up in the Eric Hoffer Book Award for fiction. The novel was also adapted into a short film by Chase Michael Wilson. She lives in Southern California with her husband and two children.


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