Free eBooks August 3rd

Here are some free and discounted eBooks that are available for download today, August 3rd.

Navigating Travel Baseball by Tony Midea

free August 3rdIf you and your son are considering playing for a travel baseball team, then you really need the information in this book to help guide you. There is so much to know, and things change dramatically year by year. This book guides you through each age group, and helps explain the skills your son needs to learn, as well as the skills you as a parent need to learn to help him be successful. The book is for players from age 7 to age 14. We tackle all the most important topics, including the issues you will no doubt encounter with other parents.




Also available free August 3rd

Snowed in with the Billionaire Part 1 by Mia Caldwell

free August 3rdNurse Kira Cameron is very devoted to her patients, and she will do anything to save one of them –even if it means begging a billionaire donor for philanthropy. However, some clients have left a permanent mark on her heart. So when a blizzard hits and Kira finds herself stranded with a handsome man from her past, she has no idea what the long winter nights have in store for her…





August 3rd Book Deal

Graveyards of the Banks by Nyla Nox

book deal august 3rdNyla’s journey through the toxic atmosphere on the night shift at the Most Successful Bank in the Universe in the City of London is like the death of a thousand cuts. Temp workers with zero hours contracts work for the richest bankers in the world. But Nyla knows all their secrets.
You will never forget this book.






Book deal available August 3rd

The Carrington Event by Peppi Vecchio

august 3rd book dealThis is a page-turning thriller about a biologist who has to team up with the wife he just cheated on in order to evade a deadly game of scientific espionage. It’s filled with character and conflict, using some unique scientific ideas as the prizes, the treasures the actors are fighting for. It’s not bogged down by lengthy scientific explanations. We give just enough to make it fun – and hope you learn a little something in the process.





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