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Alice in Monologue Land by Amy Gettinger

free kindle bookPractice your snort laugh. Alice Chalmers, single mom, struggling to make ends meet with three teaching jobs, is coerced into speaking at a modern women’s literary event. Come on. Seriously? Reading a poem about female body parts aloud? On stage? At work? The mere idea brings on hot flashes, until her kids grab the script and hoot like a pack of monkeys. She might laugh, too, if her students were not slowly disappearing and three odd suitors were not chasing her around.

From page one, Alice’s life becomes more chaotic, romantic, and dangerous as she searches for the missing students. From treachery in dark campus parking lots, to students who are more than they seem, to pythons giving “hugs,” to some wild skydives, Alice’s life is literally in free fall.

About the author, Amy Gettinger:

Amy GettingerAbout Amy Gettinger’s “Roll with the Punches”: “This is a big, warm-hearted, hilarious book that wraps the reader up within its covers and holds them there until the last page — and that’s a very good thing. Roll with the Punches … is most highly recommended.” ~ Jack Magnus for Reader’s Favorite

More about “Roll with the Punches”: “I had tears rolling down my cheeks from laughing so much! Want your life to seem quiet and sedate, no matter what? Check out Amy Gettinger’s in-your-face, completely irreverent take on light-hearted romance and the struggles of a single woman caught between her own life and those she cares for.” ~ Dianne Bylo a Top 500 Amazon Reviewer, Tome Tender Blogger

About Amy Gettinger’s “Alice in Monologue Land”: “A fun-loving read, perfect to bring sunshine to even the cloudiest day, Ms. Gettinger lets us know it is okay to laugh at ourselves, just in case we can identify with Alice and that reading less than lofty tomes brings a certain sparkle and shine to the literary world. I might suggest you hang on tight, this tale has more spins than a tilt-a-whirl.” ~ Dianne Bylo, Top 500 Amazon Reviewer

More about “Alice in Monologue Land”: “Humorous! Intrigue!! A bit of 007! Shocking experiences! Love Interests! Alice embraces all scenarios, regardless of time or place. (And they are varied and interesting!) For a fun read, escape to “Alice in Monologue Land”. She’s ready to take you on an adventure!” ~ R. K. Holcomb

Amy Gettinger lives in Orange County, California with her husband and her two piteous poodles under the shade of a very noisy old eucalyptus windrow full of crows and wild parrots. When she’s not writing novels, she’s creating Reader’s Theater plays and coaching a local senior group to perform them, complete with big bad wolves, feather boas and tiaras.

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