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Free eBook August 17 – 20

Free eBooks August 17 – 20

30 Best Essential Oil Recipes for Diffusers: The ultimate recipes to defuse the healing properties of aromatic essential oils into the air around you (Essential Oil Recipes For Your Life)

by Daisy Williams

Essential Oil Recipes for Diffusers

Here Is Why You Should Be Using a Diffuser

  • Using Natural Oils instead of store bought fragrances is Healthier
  • Diffuse while you travel by using a napkin or tissue
  • Diffusing is a great way to get a cooking smell out of a kitchen
  • Your stress levels will go down when you smell a refreshing scentThis book is one of many books in a series of Essential Oil Recipe Books.

Download your copy today!



40 Dump Cake Recipes: The Best Dump Cakes of 2014: Quick, Easy & Delicious Dump Cake Recipes You Will Love! (Dump Cake Cookbooks) by Eleanor Lakeport

Looking for Amazing Dump Cake Recipes?

Why You Need to Try Baking a Dump Cake Today

Do you have a work party or potluck tomorrow and don’t know how to bake?
Then this recipe book is for you. These are some of the best dump cakes of 2014.

  • Cost Effective Ingredients
  • Kids can make it!
  • Simple and Tasty!

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The Ultimate Oil Pulling Handbook -Get Started Oil Pulling Now: The Oil Pulling Therapy Miracle. Oil Pulling for Beginners to Help detox their mouth, teeth … Beginners (Essential Oils For Your Life 5) by Byron Wallace

Read the book and judge for yourself. We think it’s awesome!

Are you worried about your gums and teeth? Spending a fortune on expensive whitening strips and dentist appointments? Have yellow teeth and can’t get a date? Then practicing Oil Pulling is for you!

Oil Therapy Benefits:

– It cleanses the teeth and removes the stains and food lodged between them, resulting in whiter teeth
– It takes away the bad breath and is recommended to people suffering from halitosis
– It provides protection against cavities
– It provides protection against gingivitis
– It strengthens the gums
– By strengthening the gums, it also strengthens loose teeth
– It alleviates and cures headaches and migraines
– It promotes quality sleep and may help in reducing insomnia
– It also treats sinus congestion








Fat Loss Revealed

Free August 12 – 13 on Amazon


by Jake Dryan

fat lossWan’t to lose some weight? Afraid of starting a diet you won’t finsh?
From my experience most people fail diets because they are too much of a lifestyle change to consistantly stick to! Most people eliminate all their faveourite foods and don’t track any of their progress. This causes them to lose motivation and rebound by binge eating.

This book is a no-nonsense approach to fat loss, no magic pills or overnight transformations but will ease you through the process of dieting so you can enjoy your life.

In the book you will learn:

-How people lose and gain body fat.
-Debunking common diet myths.
-Simple healthy eating guidelines to stick to while dieting.
-How to include your favorite foods into your daily nutrition.
-Pros and Cons of different types of exercise.
-How to structure your own fat loss program.
-Research to back up claims

I really hope you buy this book as it will clear up a lot of controversial topics on the subject of fat loss. Once you have read through the book you will feel confident when wanting to start a diet and know which factors produce the greatest fat loss results.

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Be My Love

Available Free on Amazon August 11 – 15

Be My Love: and other Short Stories (Erotic Romance Collection Book 1)  by Sherry Mosler

Be My LoveThis Short Erotic Romance story collection from Sherry Mosler has 8 of sizzling tales that will make you heat up and melt.

The content has explicit sex scenes and are intended for Adults only.

Titles within this volume are:

1) Be My Love (DeLaRossa Hotel Series)
2) Getting Lucinda (DeLaRossa Hotel Series)
3) True Desire
4) Steamy Behind His Back
5) Permission to Love
6) Lawyers don’t Play Safe
7) Irresistible Temptation
8) Spin that Bottle

Don’t forget to leave a review at Amazon.com and share which short story and character is your favorite. Get to know Sherry and her work by visiting: www.facebook.com/SherryMosler

Herbs: The Spice of Life, Magic, Myths and Legends

Free eBook Available on Amazon August 15 – 17

Herbs: The Spice of Life, Magic, Myths and Legends

herbsThe almost mystical healing power of herbs and their ability to ease pain can be traced back to the very beginnings of history. Early tribes and groups began instinctively experimenting with plants in their environment. Since they didn’t have the luxury of a pharmaceutical laboratory, they discovered by trial and error which locally grown plants and herbs were effective in treating their ailments. This growing accumulation of knowledge was then passed from each generation to another by word-of-mouth and practical teaching. Artifacts have been discovered from many cultures that include such items as frescoes, bronzes, tomb paintings and cuneiform tablets. These artifacts record the importance of herbs to these early civilizations. Ancient herbals and medical writings that still exist today describe plants and herbs and their healing properties.

Through time this collected knowledge created an herbal lore culture that has evolved with usage. For instance, priests etc. of ancient societies used herbs in the performance of their religious ceremonies for effect and protection. Warriors carried magical herbs for strength, protection and bravery. Later medieval monasteries were the centers of communities and thus became centers of herbal healing. They founded hospitals and had separate psyche gardens where the Monks grew a wide variety of plants to make the potions, oils and ointments they needed to treat the sick. On the other side of the coin, the hedgerows and woodlands provided the plants needed by the country housewife for her herbal healing and magical protections.
Throughout this book you will discover many strands of historical tradition. One such tradition was what is known as the Victorian language of flowers. In the 19th century England the practice was to give different flowers special meanings. And when fresh flowers and dried bouquets were given to someone they indicated a particular feeling. One example of this is when Rosemary was incorporated into a bouquet of red roses. The meaning of this was love and remembrance and it was a gift usually given to women by the men as they went off to war. While not directly magical, the power of symbolism reflects in the use of flowers deep personal feeling and how they are incorporated in remedies and the intentions associated with them.
This book presents you with the historical and mythological story behind many of the herbs in common use today. In this book you will also find recipes for teas, concoctions and tasty treats. Enjoy the book and may the magic of herbs bring health, prosperity, love and a long life to you.
Michael O’Halloron


Free Fiction Available Now

Here are two free eBooks available August 7 – 11

The Diabolical Doctor: A Steele Russell Thriller
Robert Carlson MD

free fictionPlease note that the sequel to this best selling medical mystery is now available on amazon: The Cost Of Living.
The controversy of stem cell research meets the thrills of Tess Gerritsen’s Harvest in The Diabolical Doctor, Who has the right to kill your unborn child? Who has the right to sacrifice your life for their own fame and fortune and for the good of their wealthy clients? Dr. Kentley Sinclair, cutting-edge human cloning researcher, may not have that right; but who is going to stop him? The Diabolical Doctor is part one of a two part medical thriller that delves into the dark side of stem cell research and exposes the motivations of a cruel, megalomaniac physician.
Luring pregnant girls through an inner city woman’s clinic, Sinclair insists that his research can save their supposedly endangered babies; instead, he uses their wombs to grow his stem cells to help save the hearts of wealthy clients and then disposes of both mother and baby.
One man, heart surgical resident Dr. Steele Russell, finds himself drawn into this vicious plot when Anna, the daughter of a beloved mentor, becomes entwined in Kentley Sinclair’s lethal web. Steele visits Dr. Sinclair to investigate his research but has no clue of the bizarre chain of events to follow. Dr. Sinclair quickly realizes that Steele could disrupt his multi-million dollar cloning and stem cell research project and that he must be disposed of as quickly as possible. But will it be that easy?
As the body count escalates, Steele depends upon his previous training as an Army Ranger to try and overcome unimaginable odds, protect his friends and avoid getting killed.


The Cost Of Living – A Sequel To The Diabolical Doctor: A Steele Russell Thriller by Robert Carlson

free fictionThis is the sequel to the Diabolical Doctor. When life-giving medical science meets ruthless ambition in the cloning lab, who knows how many lives are at stake? The Cost of Living, the long-awaited sequel to The Diabolical Doctor, once again pits Steele Russell against the ruthless genius of Dr. Kentley Sinclair. This thought-provoking thriller raises real-life questions about the growing field of stem cell research. What is the cost of living?

How much would a powerful wealthy person pay to have another chance to live?

Is there a cost to the unsuspecting pregnant female? Of course, there is….and it’s her life.
Steele, a heart surgical resident, must face unfathomable odds against the morally bankrupt Sinclair—and needs all his prior training as an Army Ranger and the help of his talented friends to fight an evil that extends to the deepest core of humanity. Amid a growing body count, Steele struggles to save his friend, the integrity of his chosen profession, and thousands of innocents, now and yet to come. Will this be his last mission?