The Unworthy King by Maggie McCallum

The Unworthy King by Maggie McCallum

Nora is an American graduate student living in Ireland when the existence of the vicious Fae is revealed. According to the President, the Fae have been living amongst the humans for years, stealing their businesses, their money, their babies, and even their minds. After the humans declare a war of extermination, Nora must pick a side. The only problem? Her new boyfriend, Rian, is the reluctant Fae King. The passion of their romance is matched only by the stakes of the war. Stepping through a fairy ring for the first time, with Rian by her side, Nora uncovers the truth about why Rian only has four fingers on his left hand and what that means for the Fae people. As Rian grapples with regaining the trust of the Fae, Nora discovers that the Fae are more like the humans than anyone realizes. She must help Rian discover his Worthiness, as well as her own, or all hope is lost.

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Innocence by Adrienne Woods

Innocence (Beaumond Academy Book 1) by Adrienne Woods

Maxima Lane, Half vampire – half witch, needs to transform into a bat in order to keep her freedom from her stepmother, who wants her dead.

Commander Hendrix, prince of the warlocks, needs to find answers, especially to why Maxima’s stepmother is so obsessed with her. And he has to find it before more people are going to die.

Innocence is a Cinderella Fairytale retelling with supernatural elements and magic. Fans of Jaymin Eve and Jennifer L. Armentrout will love the Beaumond Academy series.

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The Apicide Affair by Kareem J Glover

The Apicide Affair: Shadows of Extinction Book 1 by Kareem J Glover

“The Apicide Affair” is a gripping and thought-provoking tale set in Liberia, West Africa where a deadly virus threatens the bee population and the delicate balance of the world’s ecosystem. Driven by the urgency to save these vital pollinators, scientist Jenebah Tamba leads a team of researchers on a groundbreaking mission to find a cure, but as the mystery unravels, she finds herself in the middle of a cover-up.

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The Ordained Demon by Oladapo Richard Osuntokun

The Ordained Demon: The Story of a Young Priest by Oladapo Richard Osuntokun

One day a bigger kid was picking on another kid at recess. Michael noticed that the bigger boy was mocking and taking advantage of the other kid even at lunch. He could not understand why the bullying did not stop after recess. He remembered this was nearly a daily occurrence.

These bullying sessions made him feel very uncomfortable and somewhat angry, so Michael began plotting to take the big guy down. His main plan was to pick four of his best friends to stand up to confront and stare down the bully. They all talked earlier about their plan of action together and remained watchful about the bully’s every move.

During recess on the playground, the bully decided to have another showdown with the little guy again. At the flashing of the warning sign, five of them assembled and surrounded the bully. They did not say anything but just stared him down. The guy felt ashamed and overpowered, got the message, apologized, and moved on. And this was the end of all his nastiness towards the little guy. Since then, his group adopted the same plan to protect other victims against bullies.

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Keys to the Troubled Soul by Dr OLADAPO OSUNTOKUN

Keys to the Troubled Soul: A self guide to daily struggles by Dr OLADAPO OSUNTOKUN

In life, we must be prepared for the worst and pray for the best.It’s essential to avoid being caught off guard and overwhelmed when faced with difficulties. Our objective should be to develop a mindset prepared to handle challenges as they arise. Always think positively, the next adversity may contain the path to your success.

It’s crucial to maintain a positive outlook and mindset. Sometimes, the obstacles we face can pave the way to success. Challenges can bring about unexpected opportunities for personal development.

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