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Best Laid Plans by Meg Fitz

Best Laid Plans: Opposite Attract New Adult Contemporary Romance (The Plans Series: Book 1) by Meg Fitz

Kinsley has a list that she lives by. Don’t plan your future around a boy, don’t fall in love and hook ups should be fun. She’s too busy to be distracted. But everything is about to be derailed when she is partnered with Davin, a broody artist who she can’t stay away from. Davin is just trying to make it through the day without a breakdown, he has a masterpiece to finish and a father he wants to avoid. A relationship isn’t what he needs or wants. But then he meets Kinsley, the only person in school who doesn’t know about his tragic history.

Follow along with Kinsley and Davin as they fall in love for the first time. How many rules can Kinsley bend before it breaks her completely?

This is a NEW ADULT book that takes place in the senior year of high school.

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When Murder Comes Home by Shana Frost

When Murder Comes Home (Aileen and Callan Murder Mysteries Book 1) by Shana Frost

“When Murder Comes Home” unfolds in the serene Scottish Highlands, where Aileen Mackinnon, a former forensic accountant, joins forces with local Detective Inspector Callan Cameron to solve a series of chilling murders. As tensions escalate, they forge an unlikely partnership, navigating betrayal, deceit, and the haunting beauty of Loch Fuar in their pursuit of justice and hope.

Free Download January 25 – 29. When Murder Comes Home on Amazon.com

Paranormal Pest Control by Lara Frater

Paranormal Pest Control by Lara Frater

New Yorkers eventually got used to it, calling the earthquake-destroyed area Broken Brooklyn and went on with their lives, accepting the almost two-mile stretch of Brooklyn as a minor inconvenience. Demonic pests became as common as roaches, water bugs, bedbugs, rats, spiders…
And screaming.

Mercedes vanished under the bed in a blink, along with the Gimme Some Rays towel. She began screaming. Hector could only see her legs clothed in black tights and very unsensible black boots with heels.

Download Paranormal Pest Control by Lara Frater while it’s free on Amazon 8/23 – 8/27.

Scrapyard Ship: Uprising by Mark Wayne McGinnis

Scrapyard Ship: Uprising by Mark Wayne McGinnis


As the perilous, rickety, lift jolted to a stop, Matt tried to mask his relief. Considering he’d once piloted spacecraft for a living, many of which were as old and ramshackle as this lift, he was almost embarrassed by his discomfort. Mollie slid aside the metal scissor gate, her movements smooth and practiced from repetition. Beyond, she’d unveiled an unexpected world. A vast rock cavern stretched out beneath the sprawling automobile scrapyard above. Its enormity was both astonishing and intriguing.

“I know you have questions. Answers await. So come on.”

As he stepped from the lift, the jagged, rough surface of the rock greeted his feet. He reached out a hand as they walked, the cavern’s walls uneven and cold to the touch. A metallic tang lingered in the air, filling his mouth, tasting of secrets long hidden and forgotten.

Download Scrapyard Ship: Uprising by Mark Wayne McGinnis while it’s free on Amazon December 24-27.

Daphne: The Penguin Who Wanted To Fly by Christopher Logan

Daphne: The Penguin Who Wanted To Fly by Christopher Logan

Learn to let the impossible into your life with the help of a young penguin who won’t abandon her dreams and a polar bear who doesn’t know she isn’t white.

This is the deepest, most thought-provoking children’s book I’ve ever read! … I give this book a High Five for it’s thought-provoking plot, it’s beautiful, richly-written text, and the adorable names of the characters – three bunnies that are only out at night – the Dusk Bunnies; the Council Members – Rufus Alfar and Balthum Lazlo.

Just like real penguins – very dignified indeed! This is not your ordinary children’s book, but it’s sure to get the older kids involved and interested in the extraordinary plot. They will also be charmed and fascinated by the lives of these very magical penguins.”

Reviewer: Gayle Jacobson-Huset Managing Editor/Stories For Children Magazine

Download Daphne: The Penguin Who Wanted To Fly by Christopher Logan while it’s free on Amazon December 19 – 22.