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The Truth by Ezichi Onyekwere

The Truth: You can do nothing against Me but always for Me (2 Cor 13: 8) by Ezichi Onyekwere

Ignorance, abuses, unappreciation and misunderstanding are among the greatest cause of pains within the soul in the walk of life. These conflicts instigated by these vices are a thing that are better managed in the presence of a truth about us that reveals, guide and supports our walk through Life.

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Underneath Us by Maeve Harlow

Underneath Us: An Apocalyptic Reverse Harem Kinky Erotica: Brazen Bunker Book 1 by Maeve Harlow

I elbow my way to the front, curl my finger around the chain link fence, and gaze at him, trying to ignore the dreadful wails of the people all around me. He glances at the fence a few times before he sees me, looking away at first, then back to me when I keep staring him down. I’d spent all morning in my shared apartment doing my hair and make-up to look like I’m naturally this vibrant and touseled. The top I’m wearing is meant to draw attention.

I picked the biggest, meanest-looking of the six men on the other side of the fence, guarding the gate, helping the bunker’s lucky guests, keeping us plebs outside with the menacing weapons hung over their shoulders and on their belts. The last of the guests are arriving now, and only two men remain, private security hired by the Avinger family to protect them as they enter the bunker and keep order for the four years they’ll be inside.

“Please,” the woman next to me cries, “there must be room for more! We’ll die out here!”All around me, people push against the fence, screaming and crying, begging and threatening. The guards and the guests ignore them.

The man I chose has definitely noticed me by now, his eyes lingering on my exposed torso, the shirt I’m wearing light enough to make my two pierced nipples prominent. He says something to the other guard before walking over to me. I stay silent, trying my best to look scared but serene, as he looks me over. He jerks his head toward the main gate. I give him a small smile and push my way off the fence and through the throngs of sweaty, desperate people.

He unslings the massive automatic rifle and points it at the people pressing against the gate.“Get the fuck back. This is private property, I have every right to slaughter you. Move.”
As the people back away I push my way through, then wait for him to scan his handprint and retina to open the gate and let me through.

“Why does she get to live?” someone shouts from the fence next to us.
He snorts and grips my arm, walking towards the garage. Inside are a dozen vehicles, some for pleasure, some for protection. He walks me between two huge armored SUVs and roughly pushes me against one, resting his arm against the window so he’s leaning towards me, looking down at my face.

He’s white, with short brown hair shaved on the sides and longer on the top, and rough stubble that’s just starting to grey. I’m 5’10’ and he still towers over me, his thick biceps visible pressed against the sleeves of his black t-shirt. I resist the urge to inhale deeply. He smells delicious, maybe a bit too much cologne, but he’ll run out of that soon enough in the bunker. One of his eyebrows is pierced, and he has several more piercings along the edge of one ear.

“What do you want,” he says, his eyes flicking down to my chest.
“Four years is a long time to go without pussy.”
His mouth twitches into a quick grin before it returns to stern. “That’s a price I’m willing to pay for survival.”
I reach out and touch his chest, resting my hand between his pecs, then tracing it down his torso. “There’s a lot I’m willing to pay for my own survival.”
“I won’t be able to get you in.”
“So why am I here?”
He taps his finger on the glass next to me, licking his lower lip. “I want you.”
“I want you, too. But I’m here to make a deal.”
“It’ll be nearly impossible, they’re closing the door in—” he looks at his watch “—seven minutes.”
“That’s plenty of time to convince you to get me inside that bunker.”

I run my hand over his crotch, feeling his already semi-hard cock. He grabs my wrist and yanks it up, holding it over my head, pressing me against the car door. I gasp, trying to push him away at first, but giving in quickly, though he seems to enjoy my instinct to struggle.
“I’ll try to get you in. But here’s the deal. I’m going to get shedloads of shit for bringing you in, and you’ll need to work extra hard to prove your value to those people in there. And me…well, I’m gonna fuck you, obviously. But you should know: I don’t fuck vanilla.”

Download Underneath Us by Maeve Harlow while it’s free on Amazon May 26 – 28.

The Follow-Up by Casey Hail

The Follow-Up (Appalachian Ardor Book 1) by Casey Hail

I have a confession to make. It is a bit embarrassing, so let me preface it with the following: I am cautious. I don’t take risks with people or my job. The last thing I want is to crawl back to California with my tail between my legs and admit that my mom was right. Just the thought of that makes my stomach churn. I have worked too hard to get to this point in my life. I finally have some room to breathe. Nothing is worth risking that.

But then I met Jace…. and my aversion to taking risks bolted out the door. As of today, I am likely the only doctor at my clinic to hook up with a patient… in my exam room, of all places. How’s that for a confession from someone who gives you your flu shot?

No, this is not the start of a bad porno. I’m not making this up. There is more to this story. Seriously, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Doctor-patient hookup sounds so cringy. I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ll take you back to the beginning, and you can see for yourself exactly how I ended up in the predicament I am in…which is currently half-naked but fully satisfied and trying to throw my scrubs back on before anyone walks in on me.

Download The Follow-Up by Casey Hail while it’s on sale on Amazon May 24 – 31.

Developing New Friendships by Richard Locke

Developing New Friendships: Understanding The Art Of Making Friends by Richard Locke

Yearning for connections that transcend the mundane but feeling trapped in the labyrinth of small talk? Do social gatherings induce a wave of intimidation, leaving you adrift in a sea of uncertainty about how to foster deeper bonds?

Enter “Developing New Friendships,” your compass for navigating the intricate landscape of meaningful relationships. Within its pages, you’ll unearth:

Liberation from Shyness: Break the chains of introversion and stride confidently into social arenas.
Mastery of Communication: Paint your thoughts with eloquence, fostering connections that resonate beyond words.
Graceful Conflict Navigation: Transform clashes into opportunities for growth, fortifying friendships with each resolution.
Embrace Vulnerability: Harness the raw power of openness, weaving threads of trust that bind souls together.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with interactive exercises, mapping out friendship horizons and honing resilience against the storms of rejection and envy. Additionally, learn the art of:

Communication Alchemy: Unravel the secrets of active listening, empathetic dialogue, and trust cultivation.
Balancing the Digital Divide: Seamlessly traverse the virtual realm while nurturing the essence of face-to-face connections.
Celebrating Diversity: Erase the lines of prejudice and cultivate a garden of understanding amidst cultural differences.
Embracing Timeless Bonds: Discover the hidden treasures within lifelong friendships, their richness unfolding with each passing season.

As you delve into the tapestry of anecdotes and research within “Developing New Friendships,” you’ll unlock the cryptic codes of human connection. Armed with wisdom, forge an empowering social constellation, and illuminate the path to a life brimming with fulfillment and camaraderie.

Download Developing New Friendships by Richard Locke while it’s on sale 5/23 – 5/24 on Amazon.

Fresh & Flavorful, Lean & Green CookBook by Christiane Wear

Fresh & Flavorful, Lean & Green CookBook : Low-Fat, Keto Friendly & Gluten-Free Recipes for Weight Loss, Increased Energy & Long-Term Health by Christiane Wear

Feeding your Family while following a Low-Carb Lifestyle &
the Components of a Lean & Green Meal, Healthy Fats & Condiments

In crafting recipes for this low-carb cookbook, I’ve been especially attuned to the diverse dietary needs of busy families, aiming to eliminate the stress of preparing separate meals. Each recipe is designed to be flexible, ensuring that whether family members are all on a low-carb path or not, there’s something for everyone. For instance, our savory Blackened Shrimp Fajitas, Hearty Chile Verde, or Saucy Chipotle Chicken become family favorites when wrapped in warm tortillas, perfect for kids or athletes needing more energy. Likewise, dishes such as Merced’s Spicy Stir Fry, Korean Bulgogi Bowl, or Green Curry Shrimp are easily complemented with brown rice or quinoa for those preferring traditional carbs.

Additionally, with our Pad Thai or Ragù Marinara & Zoodles, you have the option to mix in traditional pasta noodles, keeping both kids and adults happy while still packing in the veggies for nutrition. And for those craving comfort, our hearty soups like BFF Clam Chowder or Shrimp Gumbo pair wonderfully with a slice of sourdough or cornbread to round out the meal.

My goal with the Fresh & Flavorful, Lean & Green Cookbook is to streamline and enrich your family’s dinnertime experience. By offering versatile recipes, we ensure that a single, delightful dish can cater to everyone’s tastes and dietary preferences, making mealtime both simple and more enjoyable for all.

Download Fresh & Flavorful, Lean & Green CookBook while it’s free on Amazon May 21 – 22.