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The Amnesia Desk by Jim Sullivan

The Amnesia DeskMeet the Amnesia Desk : a clandestine, ultra-violent group tasked with keeping the CIA’s darkest secrets hidden – permanently.

When archaeologist Lee Jackson takes an experimental drug he starts having vivid hallucinations about the deep past. But are they hallucinations or actual ancestral memories? And why are they dominated by memories of battles?

But while most of Jackson’s memories are from centuries ago, one is from the recent past, and it’s a threat to the very existence of the CIA.

Jackson has to die.

The Amnesia Desk send their finest to Britain to deal with the threat. But there’s something they haven’t counted on: Lee Jackson has access to centuries of combat experience. This is a fight the Amnesia Desk wasn’t expecting.

The Amnesia Desk is a gripping action thriller. If you like stunning twists, flawed heroes and edge-of-the-seat suspense, then you’ll love this unforgettable page-turner by Jim Sullivan.

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“This is a nail-biting sci-fi thriller – I couldn’t put the book down” – Amazon Review
“Hugely entertaining, thought-provoking too. Can’t wait for more from this author” – Amazon Review
“The Amnesia Desk is one of those wonderful, thrill-a-minute books which you genuinely don’t want to put down because you continually want to know what happens next” – Amazon Review

About the author, Jim Sullivan:

Jim Sullivan is a Cheshire-based author. He grew up in North Wales, which remains a strong influence on his writing.

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What’s The Amnesia Desk about?
  • It’s a sci-fi thriller – with an emphasis on the ‘thriller’ – about a British archaeologist (Lee) who takes an experimental drug which releases ancestral memories. Many of these are centuries old, though some come from his father. The memories are all of stressful/dangerous periods – including many battles. One of those memories is something his father did for the CIA, and it causes them to come after him. What the CIA haven’t realised is – Lee now has centuries of fighting experience to draw on.

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