Telling Stories and Naming Names

Telling Stories and Naming Names has five reviews on Amazon with an average rating of five stars.

Any Kid USA: Telling Stories and Naming Names by A. Swift

Telling Stories and Naming NamesThis is the diary of twelve-year-old Sean Campden–Middle School Kid. If you’re a fan of Wimpy kids, Dorky kids, Middle School jokers or laughter, then you’ll love this edition of Any Kid USA, Telling Stories and Naming Names.


Review Excerpts for Any Kid USA: Telling Stories and Naming Names:
My Son Loved This Book!

My 7 year old son received this book as a gift from his uncle. He was so excited when it arrived in the mail. He opened it up and started looking through it immediately. That first day he was very disappointed that he couldn’t start reading it right away because he had martial arts.
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When he returned he picked up the book and dove right in. He didn’t put it down until it was dinner time. Over the next couple of days any time he had free time he was reading this book and finished it fairly quickly. When he was done with it he asked me is this a series, is the next book out already? When I asked him to write a few sentences for this book review he wrote the following: I really like the book Any Kid U.S.A. Telling Stories and Making Names. I give it five stars. I love it mostly because it reminds me of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.


Fun, easy read…your child will love it

Perfect title, Telling Stories and Naming Names. It is a story that could be about any child, even yours, growing up in the USA. Just following the day to day life of a young boy in new surroundings and his antics with new found friends. Even though I’m a girl it brought me back in time and allowed me to reminisce…Fun book, give it a read, waiting for the next one
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