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Debra SalonenWhen Hollywood heart-throb Cooper Lindstrom needs money to get his late mother’s homicidal bookie off his back, he jumps at the lifeline Black Hills postmaster Libby McGannon tosses his way. In Cooper’s mind, their arrangement is simple: his sperm in trade for a share in her family’s gold mine. But the real pay off is her story–the one he plans to turn into a hit sitcom that will push him back on top.
The hit show Coop saw coming.
Love? Completely blindsided him.
And the baby? Who could have guessed Cooper wanted to be a father? Too bad Libby–the woman he’s fallen hard for–might never forgive him for turning her life into a joke for worldwide consumption. Not to mention the changes he’s brought to the small Black Hills community of Sentinel Pass, where happily-ever-after isn’t left to chance.

About the author, Debra Salonen:

Debra SalonenWinner of Romantic Times Reviewer’s Career Achievement “Series Storyteller of the Year” award in 2006, Debra Salonen’s 26 titles for Harlequin Publishing have sold more than 2.3 million copies, worldwide.

A six-time nominee for RT’s Best Superromance of the Year award, Debra took home that honor with a most unlikely hero and never-say-die heroine. Now, out-of-print, that book will join her BLACK HILLS RENDEZVOUS series in May, 2016.

BLACK HILLS BABY – Hollywood meets the “real” wild west.
BLACK HILLS BILLIONAIRE – What if his $$ isn’t enough to save her?
BLACK HILLS BAD BOY – He’s hell on wheels…in his dreams.
BLACK HILLS BACHELOR – Single by choice, no Hollywood princesses need apply.
BLACK HILLS OUTCAST – Hiding out from life works just fine…until he meets Rachel.
BLACK HILLS WHITE KNIGHT – His suit is Armani–not armor.

Channel your inner maverick with Debra’s Big Sky Mavericks series from Tule Publishing:

MONTANA COWGIRL – Cowgirl, you can go home–and love–again.
MONTANA COWBOY – He’s nobody’s cowboy until his new neighbor rocks his world.
MONTANA DARLING – Her land. His tent. And this is Montana, where property disputes can lead to a range war…or love.
MONTANA MAVERICK – A lone wolf PhD rescues a rancher–and gains a life.
MONTANA GIFT (a FREE holiday novella) – The system failed him, but she never would.
MONTANA HERO – He may be her hero, but who’s going to save him?
MONTANA ROGUE – He’s more than meets the eye–eye candy, that it.
MONTANA REBEL – Defying death is all part of the game…until you have something to lose.
MONTANA MIRACLE – It takes a Montana village to create a Christmas miracle.

Readers and reviewers of Debra’s romance novels say:

“Debra Salonen captures readers’ attention with multifaceted characters, layered conflict and fast pacing.” ~ Pamela Cohen, RomanticTimes Bookclub

“No one writes drama like Debra Salonen.” ~ Huntress Reviews

“Great chemistry, great one liners and a sexy cowboy!” ~ C. Arcidiacono

“This novel had everything, family drama, love, a little bit of sexy and a lot of heart.” ~ gertyp

“…one of the most heartfelt novels I’ve ever read.” ~ Kaitie Campbell

“Debra Salonen pens a bittersweet love story with a fresh storyline and a love that stays with you long after the book is over.” ~ Tami Sutton, The Best Reviews

For something naughty and wildly irreverent, try JUDY UNCENSORED with a 50-something, self-proclaimed “trailer trash” heroine who is: “Old enough to know better–too young-at-heart to care.” And, as if finding your HEA isn’t hard enough, then comes the holidays. JUDY DOES CHRISTMAS is “Laugh-out-loud funny, poignant and just plain fabulous!”

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