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alien crucibleSupplied Sub-Logs: Jamie Livio Raner, a specialist in Fusion Warfare, becomes one of the most effective operatives in the Aryan Military. After he is offered the job as “The Sentinel” to protect a baby, Jamie equivocates.

When the Cardinal Unit delivers baby Ara, who has potent but surreptitious adversaries, to Perza Space Station in Iota, Jamie knows it has to do with matter levels rising in Iotan space. He understands Pure-Gens are worried as it will bring about the Genocide Vote which will result in either the targeted destruction of thousands of races or the indiscriminate release of antimatter.

Shockingly, Ara alone will hold the deciding vote, thus becoming both champion and destroyer regardless of her choice. But Ara considers herself a farmer’s daughter with boyfriend troubles. She loves building robots and wants to become a planet and life-systems engineer. As soon as Jamie learns why her enemy is inexplicably supporting her rather than working against her, all he wants to do is to take Ara away from all the chaos and protect her from all that she must face.

Author’s Note: This log moves quickly through time from sub-log to sub-log. For this reason it is written from mainly Jamie and Ara’s points of view (all 3rd person POV). Log 4 to Log 15 are more traditionally written and each spans approximately a year or less. New version uploaded 5th May 2016 AEST, minor corrections, full TOC added. V3 April16.

About the author of Log 1 Matter | Antimatter (Alien Crucible), S.V. Brown:

Alien Crucible author, Selina Valen BrownI grew up in Australia and have lived in most states and territories. I’ve never left Australia though and I guess to compensate I chose to travel in my imagination (too corny?). The place and time I remember the most was living in the middle of nowhere (SA) and I’ll never forget how loud true silence could be! It was out on the cattle ranch that I really appreciated the velvety night skies. Those memories, and my love of all things science fiction, has led me to want to write my own stories within the confines of that genre. On a personal note, Selina was a name my mum gave me after listening to ‘Me and Bobby McGee’. It’s spelt differently though, in the song, it’s a place “Salinas”. I hope my joy in writing translates to my stories.
Thank you for coming on this journey with me.

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