Retirement Can Be a Time of Fulfillment

Enriching Your RetirementAre you approaching retirement age? Have you just recently retired? Are you one of the thousands who retire every day wondering what they’ll do with all of the free time? In this easy to read and relatable book, the author shares numerous testimonials from people she’s personally interviewed who share your concerns about reaching this juncture in life. This book offers insight into the struggles and victories they’ve experienced with these issues. You’ll learn how they’ve found new interests and are living their retirements with more joy than they’d previously thought possible.

After 25 plus years of working inside of a structured environment, the sudden change to retirement freedom isn’t always comfortable. Especially when the majority of hours spent awake were hours spent at work. Even the necessary structure required to get personal things done on weekends and evenings fed into a reliance on schedules and calendar appointments.
Habits acquired over a time period probably exceeding fifty years, including time spent during high school and college, can be hard to break. Dependency on that structure, and its sudden absence, leave many feeling that they’re without a purpose.  The author’s comfortable and sometimes humorous style of conveying the information you need to move forward, makes this a uniquely enjoyable read.
Enriching Your Retirement covers topics that will get you to take a deeper look into your own life and weigh the pros and cons of:
• Where and how you want to live?
• What kind of lifestyle you want to pursue?
• How you’ll discover new things you might like to try?
• Why your attitude about change sabotages your happiness?

Follow the advice in this book and in a few short weeks you’ll begin to feel a difference, a relief from the pressure of facing the unknown. You’ll be able to look at your future through new eyes. Build your bucket list and start living it now. Tomorrow isn’t a promise, make every day count.

What’s stopping you from having a positive outlook and great expectations for your remaining years?


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