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Decoding Happiness: How can I be happy by Rafael Bettencourt

Rafael Bettencourt Decoding HappinessLEARN: How to become happy

While being happy is a natural goal that drives all humans, the truth is that most people do not know exactly what happiness is – which means that they do not know what they are really pursuing and how they can accomplish it. That’s why frustration is such a common feeling – people want to be happy now but have all kinds of misconceptions about what being happy actually is.


What if happiness is far simpler and more achievable than we are often led to believe?  And what if our ability to experience joy and to welcome greatness into our life is the only key that we really need to be happy – and that we are already born with?  More than asking these questions, this book offers a simple yet powerful answer – which is based on 10 essential steps that you can easily follow every day to be as happy as you’ve always wanted to be.

Here is what you will learn in this book:

  • What true happiness actually looks like
  • How to stay positive
  • Different ways to be happy
  • How to become the unique character your are supposed to be
  • How to be happy every day
  • A step by step guide to apply all these principles to your everyday life

As simple as they may sound, this book proposes that these are the very accessible but life-changing principles through which you can become a happy, balanced and successful individual.

In short this book answers the question how to be happy in life and its message is that happiness is a mindset that you can practice through these steps – so that you can unleash all the happiness and greatness that lies within you.

More about the author, Rafael Bettencourt:

Rafael BettencourtRafael’s journey began with a choice, the choice that life has much more to offer.
The choice that life lies in his own hands. The choice he will change.

Rafael grew up in a small village in West Germany. His loving family took care of him and gave him the best conditions for a bright future. But something was missing.
In his past, he never had the urge to leave his comfort zone. In a small village, it is easy to get to know people, because everybody knows each other, so he never learned this task.
Then he moved to a different city to study in college, and everything changed.
He didn’t know how to talk to strangers,
how to be comfortable in such a strange environment.
Everything felt weird and uncomfortable, which led him to stay on his own. After a long time of feeling lonely and depressed, he made the choice to change his life.

He stepped out of his comfort zone often. It became one of his daily habits to give people high fives on the street, to approach strangers everywhere he goes, to walk through life with a big smile on his face, and to enjoy his life, instead of staying in his head.

Today, he is an entrepreneur and author, has a beautiful woman by his side, is travelling the world, and is enjoying every moment he has in this beautiful world.
It became his ultimate goal in life to share what he experienced.
He wants to show people there is much more in life than average.

There lies Greatness within all of us, and everybody can build the life of his/her dreams that he is supposed to live.



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