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Pierced by J. C. Mells

free ebookFor the last two years, life has been good for Pierce.

Okay, so she’s on the run from Dorian, the man who kept her locked up in a vampire compound for most of her teens, has a ten-year-old brat in tow, believes her panic attacks are due to the anxiety disorders she may or may not suffer from, is still dealing with an opioid addiction forced on her by her captor, and is guided by two imaginary characters from a 1945 classic film that live in her head and represent her conscience and her courage. Things could be worse…right?

Then two mercenaries hired by Dorian finally catch up with her…


About Pierced author J. C. Mells

Pierced author J. C. MellsJ. C. Mells has had every job from an ice cream truck driver to chocolate factory worker to waiting tables in a Las Vegas casino.

She grew up in the Middle East (Abadan, Iran) and Spain (Fuengirola, Costa Del Sol) and finally ended up finishing High School in England (Weymouth, Dorset). J. C. emigrated to the United States in 1990, and returned to school at the ripe old age of 28, where she obtained a BA and then two MA degrees – all in New York, NY. (Hunter College, NYU and Columbia, respectively)

She has traveled extensively, including a 3 month stay in India, but has finally settled in Las Vegas, NV of all places where she has been living for the last 7 years with her two “babies” Alabama Worley Mells and Persephone Jayne Mells. (Why is it all writers have cats…?).

Oh, and she can’t cook to save her life.

Please visit her website at www.jcmells.com


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