Alice in Monologue Land

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Alice in Monologue Land by Amy Gettinger

alice in monologue landPractice your snort laugh, kids! College instructor Alice is headed down the campus rabbit hole into a world of adventure, romance, and danger, spiced with a generous splash of chaos and made awkward by embarrassing talk of female body parts. On stage. Amid monologue practices, some female students are going missing. Can Alice find them in this carnival ride of a tale with more spins than a tilt-a-whirl?

When adjunct English instructor Alice Chalmers gets roped into reading a part in an upcoming campus production of The Venus Monologues, her life spirals out of control. The teaching job of her dreams is open, but the staid hiring committee won’t appreciate seeing her on stage discussing the “V-word.” Pressured by her dean to perform, Alice is in monologue hell. When she calls the production “The Venomous Mambas” or “The Viral Meningitis,” her children howl. But Alice has more pressing problems: some of her female students are disappearing.

About the Author of Alice in Monologue Land: Amy Gettinger

alice author Amy GettingerAmy Gettinger lives in Orange County, California with her husband and her two piteous poodles under the shade of a very old eucalyptus windrow full of crows and wild parrots. When she’s not writing novels, she’s creating Reader’s Theater plays and coaching a local senior group to perform them, complete with feather boas and tiaras. Her blog is at

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