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Rules of Change for the Better by Pantea Kalhor includes 30 life changing rules, practical guides and personal stories which are extracted from her life lessons during childhood, war and immigration.

Rules of Change for The Better: Real stories and your guide to tune-up your mood and transform your life to reach your biggest dreams by Pantea Kalhor

Pantea KalhorFrom the coauthor of #1 international bestselling book “Empowering Women to Succeed: Leap”

“Rules of change gives a refreshing outlook on approaching unforeseen circumstances. The short stories are both inspirational and give helpful insights that are easy to apply to one’s life. Highly recommended read.”
Cherene Francis, TV Host and Entrepreneur

While driving, Pantea Kalhor was assaulted at knife-point, and her car was stolen. This trauma, paired with the disruptions of moving first to Australia and then to Canada, compelled the author into a cycle of reflection at an early age, a fact she recognized when she responded via e-mail to a friend who was going through a difficult period in her life. Pantea’s words inspired the friend to take control of her life and inspired Pantea to reach out to others with the objective of improving their lives as well.
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 Tired of failing in reaching your biggest dreams?

 You may have a strong desire to transform your life and make positive changes, but it may seem difficult, unreachable or even unattainable. How many times have you decided it is time, time to make a change in your life or circumstances? You enact your plan; read self-help books, attend empowerment seminars, and devote time and money to finding the path to change. Not for a lack of trying, you don’t succeed in the level of change you desired. Possibly you are not ready to take that path yet!

Rules of Change for the Better shows you:

  • How to create sustainable changes
  • How to encounter sudden changes like loss, fear and traumas
  • How to overcome life challenges like immigration, war and health issues
  • How to connect to your unconscious mind to follow your dreams, discover your talents and find the purpose of your life
  • How to remove your energy blockers and move to your higher potential

“Rules of Change for The Better” will show you some of the bricks you need to create a long-lasting change.

About the author, Pantea Kalhor:

Pantea KalhorPantea Kalhor is a life coach, Project manager and Agile Coach, BSE, MIT, PMP, PMP-ACP and Scrum Master. She was born in Iran, continued her education in Australia and then Immigrated to Canada. She is the co-author of international best seller book called “Empowering Women to Succeed: Leap”. Additionally, her first book: “Rules of Change for the Better” includes 33 life changing rules, practical guides and personal stories which are extracted from her life lessons during childhood, war and immigration. Currently, she lives in Toronto.



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