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How to Choose Between Two Great Things and Have Them Both at the Same Time by Lloyd Celeste. Learn how to make the right choice at the right time.

Wise Decisions: How to Choose Between Two Great Things and Have Them Both at the Same Time by Lloyd Celeste

Wise Decisions by Lloyd CelesteWant to discover your true potential? Trying to end your struggle with not being able to make that choice at the difficult situation?

This book is a self-help motivational book for anyone who wants to make the right decisions in life. Its based on personal life story about a missionary who helps people closer to God. But really the main point of the book is to know and decide what really matters in our lives. Its deciding in an unfortunate situation but still in the end, you become victorious in life.

With Wise Decisions by Lloyd Celeste you will learn how to make the right choice at the right time without headaches and sleepless nights. After all life is all about decision making. Make the right choice to become what you really want.

What you will see inside the book are the following:
1. Each chapter starts with an inspirational quote from famous personalities;
2. Then it tries to share important highlights in personal struggles and winning victories;
3. Outlines the life of the author as a missionary and how life turned around in just a matter of making a wise choice
despite the difficult situation (e.g. debt and joblessness)
4. Chapter after chapter is connected to see the whole picture of a life that tells us the cliche that “life is a journey, not a destination”.
5. Lastly, the book plainly tells us that without connection to the supreme power and trust in Him, all things are in vain.

If you are struggling in life full of debt, wanted to change career while having a hard time looking for it. If you have done all the things in life in order to improve your current situation but still you are not moving an inch of your goals. If you have done things and still you find it nothing is working and brings you disappointment.

I invite you to read In chapter 16, maybe there is something you need to do that you have not done before. In Chapter 13, I will share to you and you must “Know What Wen Wrong” in our lives.

All these and more to your successful journey in life.
You are not alone. Trust me, I’ve been there.
Lloyd Celeste



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