Murder at the Bingo Hall by Linda Pohl

Murder at the Bingo Hall: An Ethel Dinwiddie Cozy Mystery – Book 1 by Linda Pohl

Bingo can be deadly. Just ask Ethel Dinwiddie or Nellie Pearce. When Priscilla Hatfield slumps over dead, just as she’s about to call “Bingo,” her two best friends and bingo buddies suspect she’s been murdered. With the police investigation going nowhere, these two quirky amateur sleuths jump into action and vow to solve the case! They visit psychics, use a Ouija board and sell Nellie’s Catch-A-Killer cookies (recipes included) in an attempt to garner clues. Twists and turns abound, as these feisty women seek justice for their friend. What did Priscilla know that made her a killer’s target? And will this duo solve the case or die trying?

Murder at the Bingo Hall will be on sale April 21 – 25. Download it on Amazon and be sure to leave a review.


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