Mary Kelso – Chair Exercises for Seniors

Mary Kelso is a Speech and Language Pathologist for public schools and is certified as a Learning Behavior Specialist in three areas for students with Special Needs. Download her book today while it’s free.

Chair Exercises with Chair Dancing: How to Create Low Impact Chair Aerobics Exercise with Music for Seniors by Mary Kelso

Mary  KelsoThe topic of chair exercises for seniors with music is presented with links to 35 YouTube Videos that are FUN – MOTIVATING – and ENTERTAININGThere are other links and photos to illustrate options such as exercise equipment (i.e. exercise balls and therabands) and props for very reasonable prices. Chair exercise DVD’s for seniors with music are also discussed with links provided.

Anyone that needs limited mobility exercise options for a beginning level of fitness will enjoy these exercises, including chair exercises for Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

The activities can be used as wheelchair exercises or by individuals with disabilities of any age. The book presents multiple options for sit down exercises with music for anyone living a sedentary lifestyle or needing a walking assist device. Banquet style chairs without arms or wheels are perfect for chair exercises, but any similar style of chair that is sturdy and without arms or wheels can also be used.

Chair aerobics classes can be prepared to include cardio exercises with cardio drumming as an option. These chair exercises will consist of low impact stretching, leg-lifts, arm rotations and other arm and hand stretches and gestures.

Therabands are discussed and they can be used for strengthening exercises. Chair Yoga for Seniors is also addressed along with chair dancing that includes “dancing” moves to music for a sit down exercise.

A playlist for a specific age group or individual can be developed with the instructions for how to select songs and add the exercises to your selection.

WARNING: Please consult your health care provider before beginning and continuing any kind of exercise program.

About the author, Mary  Kelso:

Mary  KelsoThe author’s knowledge of chair exercises is based on her personal experience as a person with limited mobility as well as research. Mary is a Speech and Language Pathologist for public schools and is certified as a Learning Behavior Specialist in three areas for students with Special Needs. She has also completed graduate level courses in Rehabilitation. Since her retirement, Mary Kelso has completed classes in Chair Yoga, Community Health Care Coaching, and Nutrition and Exercise (NExT) classes at a local recreation complex. She has been a volunteer for both a local hospital and in the Activities Department for an Assisted Living Facility. Her other interests include scrapbooks, quilting, sewing, and flower arranging. Mary Kelso has two other Kindle eBooks available on Amazon under the pen name, Kelsy Hamilton. One is “Fidget Quilts” and the other is “Sew Classic Baby Bibs”.

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