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Let It Go For Your Sake! by Aleechea Pitts has nine reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.8 stars.

Let It Go For Your Sake!: Forgive! by Aleechea Pitts

Forgive! by Aleechea PittsLet It Go for Your Sake! Forgive! is rich in content and applicable to life. Ms. Pitts applies her concepts of forgiveness to ministry and personal relationships. She doesn’t preach get over it and instead she teaches how to reshape your view, understand forgiveness and process process your anger and feelings in a healthy and constructive manner.

She uses excellent examples from her own experiences and this add values to the book. This is a really good book if you want to remove anger, resentment and bitterness from your heart. Grab a copy and be warned…once you pick it up, you will not want to put it down until you finish…it’s that good!

About the author, Aleechea Pitts:

Forgive! by Aleechea Pitts

Aleechea Pitts is the founder of Paulean Ministries and the author of The Stronghold of Homosexuality. She has been writing since she was in elementary school. Let It Go for Your Sake! Forgive! is her third book. She not only writes books but poems and songs as well. Recently, she was sworn-in the Millville, NJ Police Department as the first Afro-American female Police Chaplain. She was born and raised in Bridgeton, New Jersey. She lives in Millville, New Jersey and has a beautiful daughter.

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Amazon review:

I highly recommend this book

Pastor Pitts provides a practical step by step biblical based instruction that will enable anyone to forgive regardless of the type of offense.So, if you are struggling to forgive, I highly recommend this book, so you can “let it go for your sake” and forgive, so that you might live.

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