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Dark Dream (Love in Illyria Book 1) by Adalind White

Love in Illyria Book 1He sees the desire in her eyes.

He struggles to conceal the fire burning inside himself, even if it hurts her. He’d fought too hard against becoming the kind of man who would take advantage of his power.
But when she looks at him…

When Andrew King needed to numb the pain of his divorce and the separation from his only child, he chose to throw himself in the most challenging project he could find.
He went back in the world of television, fifteen years after he walked away from his teenage fame and all the ugliness behind the cameras.
He accepted to be a Captain on Illyria’s most popular talent show, despite the fact that he would have to work alongside his lifelong rival Tim “TC” Carter.
Instead of clearing out the chaos in his heart, he meets someone who stirs the darkness he thought long buried.

Love in Illyria Book 1 Free Today!

Vy always loved his music and now she has to deal with the man behind it.
Dark Dream is not Andrew King’s best song. It’s not his band’s most popular hit. But it’s her favorite song and she pours her heart and soul into it each time she sings it with her high school band.

Instead of going to an expensive university and following in her parents’ footsteps, Vy chooses to audition on Illyria’s most popular talent show, in front of the two rock stars who are her essential musical influences.
When they both offer her a place on their team, Vy surprises herself choosing TC over King.
Unfortunately, being on his rival’s team doesn’t cool down her feelings for Andrew King or her raging hormones.

Over the months they spend working on the show, the attraction between them grows stronger. Irresistible. Overwhelming.

How long can the mind overrule the heart?

“Dark Dream” is the first part of the “Dreams Duet” which starts the Love in Illyria series. The BOOK ENDS WITH A CLIFFHANGER, which is resolved in a HEA in “Light Dream”

This is a slow burn romance. Both characters fight very hard to contain the intense sexual attraction. Sparks fly, but the sheets don’t catch fire. The vivid sexual fantasies they have during this time will be available separately, in short stories exclusive for my mailing list.
This book is a new adult romance, about a nineteen-year-old girl’s first crush on a rockstar in his mid-thirties.


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