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In this romantic romance trilogy there’s plenty of mystery and suspense along with humor and realism. There’s also a big twist at the end of book one which will make you see the hero in a completely different light.

You Don’t Know Me (The You Don’t Know Me Trilogy Book 1) by Mandy Lee

Free Erotic Romance by Mandy LeeMaya Scotton, a young artist with a severe case of painter’s block, is in need of money. When she takes on an office job at a construction company, she finds herself firmly in the sights of the owner, Daniel Foster – a dangerously attractive man with a dark past and particular tastes in bed.

Although she tries to resist him, Maya soon finds herself embroiled in a steamy relationship with Dan. And while he slowly encourages her to paint again, she begins to peel back his layers.

At last, when she believes that she’s finally come to understand his ways, he has one final secret to reveal … and it’s a secret that threatens to blow them apart.

You Don’t Know Me, an erotic romance, is the first book in the You Don’t Know Me Trilogy.

Interview with the Author

What’s different about this erotic romance?

I’m a huge fan of erotic romance and wanted to write something I’d enjoy myself. So, you’ll find familiar elements from erotic romance in these books. However, I also wanted to take this series in a different direction. So, I’ve included plenty of humour and realism, and I’ve put my own twist on some of those erotic romance trademarks. A lot of work went into plotting, making sure all three books are real page turners. And although the story’s a romance, there’s also plenty of mystery and suspense, with a big twist at the end of book one which will make you see the hero in a completely different light.

I love a damaged hero, a filthy rich, possessive alpha male with a dark past and a penchant for kinky sex – and that’s exactly what you get in Daniel Foster. But he’s a lot deeper than that. You’ll find he’s also funny, caring, fiercely loyal, sensitive, and definitely not a power-hungry control freak at all. I also love a feisty, funny heroine, and Maya’s just that. She gives Dan more than a run for his money! She’s sexually experienced herself, and a gifted but struggling artist. At the beginning of the trilogy, she’s lost her way in life. But as the story progresses, she grows stronger, overcoming her own issues while helping Dan to do the same.

About the author of this erotic romance trilogy, Mandy Lee:

erotic romance trilogy, Mandy Lee:Mandy Lee was born and raised in Leicester, in the UK, where she still lives with her extended family. Until December 2017, she was a secondary school teacher, but finally gave up the day job to devote all her time to writing. In her spare time, Mandy loves going for walks, playing with Lego with her grandson (she’s not that old, mind) and holidays in Southern Spain with friends.

Mandy has been writing for most of her life, trying out different genres. It wasn’t until she discovered erotic romance (a genre she loves reading) that she really found her home. She released You Don’t Know Me in 2015, True Colours in 2016, and Shut Your Eyes in 2017. For a time, Shut Your Eyes became the number one hot new release for erotic romance on Amazon.UK. Mandy is currently working on a new erotic romance trilogy about three brothers, each book to be a standalone in its own right.

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