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Jackie MaeBasically, this novella explores ‘What If’ with a twist. The plot and character development finds the protagonist’s true self revealed. With time running out, the reader will find the ending not what they expected.

Timothy S. Graves, a good man. He is a business genius, not a neophyte, and he is determined to reach the top rung any way he can. A solid marriage, set financial future, all neatly wrapped up… or is it? Shirley doesn’t see it that way. She just might do something outrageous, something just for her, something shocking. What if? “If,” could transform everything in an instant. When the psychic with her ‘vision’ tells good ole Timmy her revelations, a series of events unfold that will change the lives of those around him forever.

About the Author: Jackie Mae

Jackie MaeAward-winning author, JACKIE MAE says, “Life is full and beautiful. May you have good health and abundant happiness always.”

Jackie Mae writes in several genres. From juvenile fiction, to adult thrillers, sprinkled with novellas too, she likes to inspire and thrill her audience.

She writes adult fiction in her series called, THE DARKEST SERIES, that chronicles women who struggle with their new found psychic abilities and the desperate need to help the rebellion against the Ones. The Ones, they walk amongst us and hide in plain sight.

In addition, a new series of novellas are now out. Titled, If… Blurred Vision, If… Second Chance, and If… Dangerous Waters. They explore the possibilities of ‘What If,’ and Ifs will never be the same. Phrase for these novellas, “Mae is a master storyteller and an uncommon ruler of the novelette form.” D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

In the Taylor and Alan Adventures, where fiction meets fantasy, you will meet Taylor and Alan a brother/sister duo, who are called on to help the good wizards of the land. Artfully weaving rich history lessons into the story it instills the concept of being mindful and respectful of the environment while appropriately thrilling the audience.

Jackie Mae’s new children’s chapter book series, A Taylor and Alan Adventure, is written with her young granddaughter, Alison Taylor, a portion of the proceeds go to the Caitlin Dunbar Nature Center to support Girl Scouts.

AWARD WINNING Jackie Mae and Alison Taylor’s book, The Key: A Taylor and Alan Adventure were given the Story Monsters Ink seal of approval, “Story Monster Approved.” 2015;

SILVER Medal Award for Juvenile Fiction, Global eBook Awards, 2015;

Honorable Mention, Green Book Festival Awards, 2015

“Creativity is my addiction, and writing is my drug of choice!” ~Ambear Shellea

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