crossroadsIn “Crossroads,” Don Gogniat has condensed what he’s learned through decades of travel and life in academia into a roadmap for how to develop a deeper understanding of the world around us. He focuses on 10 joyful travel tips with short personal stories to illustrate the significance of each tip. Also, it contains short lessons in finding ways to appreciate what you are looking at – a primer in cultural geography, a discipline that allows us to understand why places are as they are and form stronger connections with the places we visit.



About Crossroads author: Don Gogniat

crossroads author

Don Gogniat credits his parents – especially his father – for putting travel in his blood. When he was a youngster his parents would pack the family and set out from their home in Pittsburgh, Pa. to explore the country and the world. In that time, they visited every state in the U.S. — except North Dakota, Alaska and Hawaii (Gogniat crossed these off later in life); Canada; Mexico; Central America and Europe.

“We were never in a hurry,” Gogniat recalls in his book “Crossroads.” “These Adventures usually lasted anywhere from 10 through 12 weeks in the summer … although on rare occasions I would miss some school days in the spring or fall.”

He received a B.S. in Education from Indiana University of Pa. in 1970 and a M.A. in Gegraphy from IUP in 1973. After a three-year stint teaching seventh-grade world cultures, Gogniat joined the Peace Corps as a regional planner for the Costa Rican National Planning Office from 1974-75. This enabled him to pursue a PhD in Cultural Geography with an emphasis in Latin America from the University of Pittsburgh.


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