Enchanted by the Cursed by Eliane Kensington

Enchanted by the Cursed: A Time-Travel Romance by Eliane Kensington

“Enchanted by the Cursed” is a time travel romance novel centered around Dr. Evelyn Reed, a contemporary scientist who, while visiting Paris for a convention, unexpectedly travels back in time after receiving a mysterious pendant from an old woman in a secluded alley. This event transports her to Paris during a tumultuous medieval period.

In this past world, Evelyn encounters Lucius, an immortal man cursed with endless life, at the moment of his would-be execution. The pendant she received is connected to his curse, containing the power both to sustain and potentially release it. As they journey through ancient Paris, the story unfolds their initial clashes due to their contrasting personalities and motives—Lucius desires the pendant to end his curse, while Evelyn hopes to use it to return to her own time.

Their adventure leads them through political intrigue and supernatural challenges as they seek to understand the true nature of the pendant and Lucius’s curse. Their relationship evolves from contentious to cooperative, deepening into a significant bond influenced by their shared experiences and the trials they face together.

The narrative builds towards a climax where the significance of the pendant and the curse are fully revealed, testing the strength of their relationship and the depth of their personal convictions. The resolution of their story hinges on a critical decision by Evelyn, which will determine their ultimate fates.

Download Enchanted by the Cursed while it’s on sale on Amazon May 14 – 18.



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