Cozy, Vicious, Collared by Maeve Harlow

Cozy, Vicious, Collared: A Post-Apocalyptic Reverse Harem Kinky Erotica (Winter Playmates Book 1) by Maeve Harlow

Tasha finds herself at the mercy of a stranger while on the run from a group of raiders in a grim and lawless post-apocalyptic winter. The stranger gives her a safe place to stay, but when she finds his collection of brutal kink toys, she wants him to dominate her in ways she’s only ever dreamed of. But life outside their cozy oasis is dangerous, and when her dom’s friends find out about her, they’re eager to play with her, too.

Download Cozy, Vicious, Collared while it’s free on Amazon May 15- 16.



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