Christmas Kisses by Suzannah Blossom

Christmas Kisses: A heartwarming, feel-good holiday romance : A Hope Springs Novella (Hope Springs Clean Romance Collection) by Suzannah Blossom

3 days. 1 blizzard. A second chance at love. Emma Besta is the star behind the Hope Springs Christmas concert. But when the town loses power she needs a miracle. That miracle arrives in the form of her childhood crush, Harry Velasquez. He’s back in town, ready to help. But will Harry stay, or is this a holiday fling destined to end by New Years?

The library was quiet when Emma Besta looked up from her computer. Students mingled around the tables with friends, and children out of school for the Christmas holidays tried to catch their parents’ attention, lolling, and laughing in the armchairs in the corner. Snow had been falling steadily for hours, and the warmth of the library and the anticipation of the evening ahead brought a smile to Emma’s face.

There were still several hours until the library was set to close, and Emma could think of any number of things to do. There was always shelving to be done, dusting to be completed. She could work on the seniors’ engagement program she was planning for the following month or catch up with her friend and colleague, Yara, at the front desk. But it was the day before Christmas Eve, and Emma’s mind was focused on one thing and one thing only. The concert.

It had been a Hope Springs tradition as far back as anybody could remember. The children at the local elementary school were tasked with putting on a Yuletide celebration, be it a play, a concert, or a series of acts. Every year was different, but Emma loved the results equally. Their town was small, so these were children she had watched growing up. It was an honor Emma didn’t take lightly. Whether they were skipping through town or delving into the books in her library, Emma wanted to support them and give them everything they needed to thrive.

She had lots of opportunities to do so, as Emma had been on the town council for several years, taking her aging father’s place. Emma tried to see the council appointment as a blessing, an opportunity to take her premature grief about her dad’s declining health and funnel it into busyness. That felt far easier than feeling the fear and sadness of it all. If she was the organizer, the coordinator, she could force herself to be too occupied to grieve her dad’s early old age.

Or so the lie to herself went.

5 Star Review on Amazon:
“This sweet novella really captured the craziness that comes with an unexpected storm and an unexpected visitor! Can Emma pull off the holiday show and keep her feelings for her old crush from getting in the way? And what is he doing in town anyway, it’s been 10 years! Perfect bite size holiday read.”

Download Christmas Kisses while it’s on sale on Amazon December 16th – 18th.


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