Bedtime Stories for kids 2 by Alex Fabler

Bedtime Stories for kids 2: Five minute stories for boys and girls 4-8 years old by Alex Fabler

Laila the unicorn

There once was a Unicorn named Laila.

Each night, Laila would have the wildest, craziest dreams.

She dreamed of a world filled with rainbows and castles. She flew through giant bubbles of cotton candy that looked like clouds, and the sky was always a different mix of colours; sometimes pink and purple, sometimes blue and green.

Laila loved her dream world and she often wished she could stay forever.

Laila was adopted by a family of horses when she was a baby; she didn’t know what a Unicorn was, or that she was one.

She sometimes felt like she didn’t belong.

When Laila was sad, she looked like the other horses. But when Laila was happy, her coat brightened up, her tail became colourful and she grew a little horn too! Beautiful, fluffy wings would grow from her mane and her eyes would shine bright like the night sky.

This made her shy.

Laila didn’t want to be different; when she was excited, she would hide behind trees or inside caves, but when she was sad, she would hang out with her friends.

One day, a little frog hopped over to a cave where Laila was hiding.

“Oh wow! A Unicorn!” shouted the little frog named Fred.

Laila was puzzled. What on earth was the little frog talking about?

“You’re a Unicorn! I’ve never seen one before, I’ve only heard about them in stories!”

Fred the frog saw that Laila was confused. He asked her if she knew how special she was.

“I’m not special” stuttered Laila, “I’m strange” she said glumly.

“Strange? You’re the most beautiful and special creature in all the land!” exclaimed Fred.

“Everybody dreams of seeing a Unicorn!”

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