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Crossing the Border (Christian Science Fiction) by Kevin W. Bates

christian science fiction Crossing the BorderIn 2057 amid rampant violence the U.S. is on the verge of war with the Lost Land.

Determined to destroy the Lost Land, U.S. President Amos Carpenter closes the Lost Land border and hatches a secret plot to nuke the Landers into submission. But Peter Gillen and Rose Horne are determined to reach the Lost Land. With official border crossings sealed, their only hope is an overland trek through the Rocky Mountains where roving gangs hunt “crossers” like them for sport.

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When private BT O’Connell, Rose’s lost love, is sent to the Lost Land as part of an invading force Rose, BT and Peter are caught up in the President’s plot and alone stand between the Lost Land and nuclear Armageddon.

About the author of this christian science fiction, Kevin W. Bates:

author of this christian science fiction, Kevin W. BatesKevin W. Bates was born in Berkeley, California and, with the exception of a couple year stint in Sydney Australia and a study abroad program in Japan, was raised there. In his Martin Luther King Jr. High and Berkeley High School years, Kevin developed a life-long fascination with christian science fiction (and, oddly, nuclear weapons) and a tendency to day dream. Later, succumbing to the pressure of supporting a family, Kevin forfeited his ambition to professional vagrancy, attended law school, spent a summer at the CIA as an overt employee in the Intelligence Law Division, clerked for a Federal Appellate Court Judge and practiced law for thirty long years. Along the way he traveled extensively in Europe and Asia. Kevin enjoys reading, writing, practicing the piano and tickling his grandchildren without mercy.

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