Bryan Metcalfe – Then & Now Series Book 1

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Right Then, Wrong Now (Then & Now Book 1) by Bryan Metcalfe

Then & Now Book 1 by Bryan MetcalfeChris Chambers has a happy and fulfilling life. It is not spectacular by any means but he is content with everything – his job, his home, and, most of all, his family. He’s still in love with his wife, Abby, and they both adore their two young children. He wouldn’t change a thing.

Until one day, when his ordinary life is totally disrupted by an accidental discovery, which becomes a life-changing event – literally. He finds a mystery device that allows him to travel in time – but no one else can see it.

This includes Abby, who remains blissfully unaware of his ability to time-travel. In his desperation to share his secret with her, he embarks on a significant journey, just to show her what he can do. But he returns to a different life – with a different wife – a different family – a different everything! He has changed time.

Lost in the wrong ‘now’, he journeys back in time in an attempt to correct the damage he believes he has caused in the past. Can he get back to the life he knew before and the family he loves? Ultimately, he has to do something that he never thought he would be capable of doing, but he knows that if he doesn’t do it, he will stay in the wrong place forever.

In his quest to return to the right ‘now’ his future changes and there will be consequences that he could never have foreseen.

About the Author, Bryan Metcalfe:

Bryan Metcalfe was born in Sunderland, UK in 1951 and grew up in Manchester when his parents moved there in 1955. He became an ardent Manchester United fan and was priviliged to witness the brilliance of George Best in his heyday.

School was a mixed bag for Bryan and whilst he was an able scholar, his reluctance to acknowledge the need for reading glasses, affected his secondary school achievements – which also tempered his enthusiasm for literature leading to a failure in his Eng Lit GCE. With post school maturity came spectacles and a renewed interest in reading – predominantly science-fiction (John Wyndham, Michael Crichton and others) and fantasy (Tolkien).

Over the ensuing years, a busy work life and subsequent family commitments were his priorities, although he had always professed the desire to write a book one day. It was not until he had stopped full-time working that the attempted to write his first book – at the age of 65.

That first effort was a learning experience and allowed him to discover just what was involved in writing tens of thousands of words and creating a story. To this day it is an unresolved piece which may well be resurrected one day.

However, he would not be thwarted, so cleared his desk and started over, relishing another new challenge. Right Then, Wrong Now was started in 2017 and is the first complete novel by Bryan Metcalfe. It will be followed by a second book later on in 2018.

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