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The Buddy System is the story of living in chaos with thirteen rescue dogs, written by Beth Hading-Yostlot.

The Path of Leashed Resistance: The Buddy System by Beth Hading-Yostlot

author Beth Hading-YoslotThis book is a hilarious and heartbreaking look into the life of a remarkable family that fell into canine rescue completely by accident, but now lives to protect and care for their dogs absolutely on purpose. An awe-inspiring read for anyone who loves dogs!

When Robert and Beth Hading-Yostlot rescued Buddy Lee, they had no idea what they had started. How one dog would spark such compassion in them for abused and abandoned animals. But that spark turned into a blazing fire that burned brighter and hotter than they could have ever imagined.

Fueled by destroyed furniture, food follies, bizarre accidents, and near death experiences, the fire spread to every corner of their lives. They experienced both the pleasure of seeing damaged dogs be healed by the courage of a loving family and the love of other amazing dogs, as well as the hardships of having to make such great sacrifices to give them what they needed to grow in strength and joy.

They also experienced the triumph of watching a dog’s spirit be lit up by life, along with agony when it was extinguished by death.

Forty-plus dogs later, they’re still living a life devoted to canine rescue and what it means to live by the Buddy System.

About the author, Beth Hading-Yostlot:

author Beth Hading-YoslotBeth Hading-Yostlot was born in 1973 and grew up as an only child in the Midwest. Her family has always been animal lovers, and took in several stray cats while she was growing up. The feline members of the family helped raise Beth and, thus, were a strong influence in her life. She believes this attributed to her brooding attitude and love of swearing. Cats being who they are…

Beth was married in April of 1992 to her husband, Robert Yostlot, and has been happily married (more or less) since then. They currently have 13 rescue dogs who forbid them to travel, so most of her adventures involve the vet and are usually at home.

She loves the Harry Potter series of books and movies, and likes to compare herself to Hermione Granger. Though, truthfully, she’s probably more of a Loony Lovegood.

She believes in spay & neuter laws, she thinks you should have to have a license to own an animal, and she enjoys long, romantic walks down every aisle in Target. Beth’s favorite drink is coffee because it’s bitter, like her personality, and her favorite color is black. Like her soul.

“The Path of Leashed Resistance: The Buddy System” is her first published work, but she has plans to finish the series with four more books. The stories in her books are true events from her time with rescue dogs, and are a look into the chaos she calls life.

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