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SETH: Crime Thriller: “He Must Die”: Book One by JB Morris

crime novelIf you love reading about drug cartel wars, crooked cops, and assassins, SETH is an action-filled book on a Marine’s vigilante justice. Staff Sergeant Seth Collins wasn’t your typical Marine. A member of the elite Marine Corps Force Recon, he had a Navy Cross on his chest and six combat deployments under his belt.

Called home to care for his ailing father, he became a Hillsdale police officer. Seth needed to quit and escape from the memories of Marines killed fighting the president’s politically correct wars. Fate had a different plan.

The Mexican Los Guerreros and Halcon Cartels declared war against each other for control of the drug trade. Hillsdale was ground zero. Police officers selling drugs threatened Collins father. Big mistake. Seth tossed political correctness out the window. He fought back like one pissed-off Marine.

About the author of this crime novel: JB Morris:

Crime novel author, JB MorrisJB Morris saw corruption in government, taught military tactics, and witnessed homicide violence. He pooled his experiences to write the crime novel SETH, the first of five books in a series about people whose lives changed when their paths crossed.

BOOK ONE: Seth Collins’ combat experience protected his family. (SETH) (Published)

BOOK TWO: Moses Remington caught in the middle of the People’s Republic of China’s invasion of Mexico. (THE BEIJING MEMORANDUM) (2016)

BOOK THREE: Pamela Brighton did not walk away from an impossible love. (PAMELA) (2017)

BOOK FOUR: President Terrill Green lacked political courage. ( THE RESCUE OF LIDDIE MacARTHUR) (2017)

BOOK FIVE: Angel struck fear with her unmatched assassin skills. (ANGEL) (On the drawing board)

These stories and more come from the prolific pen of JB Morris. JB is active in the writing community with membership in Willamette Writers and The Writer’s Chatroom. He also participates in a number of social media websites.

JB blogs at
Retired, he lives with his wife in the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

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