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Dalara’s Revenge by Casey Bryce

dark fantasyNever seek a witch’s den,
lest you leave in witch’s skin.

Such is the nature of witches—they will do anything to survive. And Dalara is no different. Hunted by the holy warrior Stannon, she lures the cocky hero into a night of steamy revelry. His soul will be hers.

But the man proves supremely capable—irresistible, in truth—leaving Dalara too enthralled and exhausted to properly complete her devious spell. The result is a nasty curse, switching both witch and warrior into scandalous new forms.

Dalara flees, days pass, and Stannon awakens to a terrible truth—a man no more, he must seek the witch while resisting vile, enticing urges he has never felt before.

Will he find Dalara and reverse the curse in time? Or will the delights of the night prove too tempting to ignore?

More about the author of this dark fantasy, Casey Bryce:

Casey Bryce, dark fantasy authorOne could call me a simple dreamer–a wandering soul longing for romance, looking for adventure, and wondering what this thing we call life is really all about.

Which is why, among other things, I wrote Miyu’s Wish–it’s essentially a collection of my own thoughts and curiosities combined into a cute, if deceptively deep, story I think anyone can enjoy. I have since written a second book–Cassie’s Secret–which is another story filled with plenty of thought-provoking themes (along with some dark humor and sensual fun, of course!).

Anyone wanting to discuss the books–or anything else–is welcome to contact me! My personal e-mail is caseybryce@miyumoon.com, while my website (www.caseybryce.com) provides more insight into the novels themselves. I also provide regular updates concerning my interests and whereabouts at www.facebook.com/CaseyBryceAuthor [Warning: There used to be regular updates! I don’t go there much anymore, but I’ll be sure to reply if you contact me!]

Anyway, even though we may never achieve our every fantasy as we drift through life, at least by the power of writing we can still experience a taste of that glorious unknown. I hope my stories provide a little magic for everybody!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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